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2012: The Crystal Skull

Author: Manda Scott

Publisher: Bantam (2009)

2012. The date is set. Time is running out. The ancient Mayans predicted the End of Days with uncanny precision. But they also provided the key to staving off apocalypse: a flawless sapphire of incomparable beauty carved into the perfect likeness of a human skull. For more than four centuries, the skull, and its legacy of dark intrigue and murder, have been hidden, protected by a code few can break. Now it's about to be found. But can we now uncover the secret that may yet save the world?

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61 Hours

Author: Lee Child

Part of a series: Jack Reacher

Publisher: Bantam (2010)

A bus crashes in a savage snowstorm and lands Jack Reacher in the middle of a deadly confrontation. In nearby Bolton, South Dakota, one brave woman is standing up for justice in a small town threatened by sinister forces. If she's going to live long enough to testify, she'll need help. Because a killer is coming to Bolton, a coldly proficient assassin who never misses. Reacher's original plan was to keep on moving. But the next 61 hours will change everything. The secrets are deadlier and his enemies are stronger than he could have guessed - but so is the woman he'll risk his life to save.

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A Dangerous Fortune

Author: Ken Follett

Publisher: Pan (1999)

In 1866, a public school pupil drowns in a mysterious accident involving several boys. Among them are Hugh Pilaster, his cousin Edward -- heir to the Pilaster fortune -- and Micky Miranda, the son of a South American landowner. The death begins a sequence of treachery that lasts for three decades ...

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A Darker Place

Author: Jack Higgins

Part of a series: Sean Dillon

Publisher: Harper Collins (2009)

When world-famous Russian novelist Alexander Kurbsky decides to leave for the West in bestseller Higginss suspenseful 16th thriller to feature former IRA man Sean Dillon (after Rough Justice ), Kurbsky turns for help to Dillon and other members of the British prime ministers private army. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin persuades Kurbsky to infiltrate this elite group and spy for Russia by showing him current photos of his sister, Tania, who the celebrated author thought died years earlier in a student riot. Tanias release from a life sentence in prison is the price for Kurbskys cooperation. Dillon and the others, most notably Lady Monica Sterling, Dillons girlfriend, welcome Kurbsky into their circle in England, where the Russian begins to go about his deadly business

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A Delicate Truth

Author: John le Carre

Publisher: Penguin (2014)

In this spy story by John le Carré, a counter-terror operation, codenamed Wildlife, is being mounted in Britain's most precious colony, Gibraltar. Its purpose: to capture a high-value jihadist arms-buyer. Its authors: an ambitious Foreign Office Minister, and a private defence contractor who is also his close friend. So delicate is the operation that even the Minister's Private Secretary, Toby Bell, is not cleared for it. Three years later, when the horrifying truth behind Operation Wildlife is uncovered, Toby will be forced to choose between his conscience and his duty to the Service. If the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing, how can he keep silent?

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A Dying Breed

Author: Peter Hanington

Publisher: Two Roads (2016)

Kabul, Afghanistan. In a brilliantly plotted contemporary thriller with echoes of Graham Greene and John le Carré, William Carver, a veteran but unpredictable BBC hack, is thrown into the unknown when a bomb goes off killing a local official. Warned off the story from every direction, Carver won't give in until he finds the truth. Patrick, a young producer, is sent out on his first foreign assignment to control the wayward Carver, but as the story unravels it looks like the real story lies between the shadowy corridors of the BBC, the perilous streets of Kabul and the dark chambers of Whitehall. Set in a shadowy world of dubious morality and political treachery, A Dying Breed is a gripping novel about journalism in a time of war, about the struggle to tell the stories that need to be told - even if it is much easier not to.

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A Falcon Flies

Author: Wilbur Smith

Part of a series: Ballantyne

Publisher: Pan (1998)

A single ball came through at deck level, It struck a burst of sparks from the steel hull, like Brocks Fireworks at Crystal palace, brilliant orange even in the strong sunlight, and the hole it tore through Black Joke’s plating was fringed with bare jagged tongues of metal like the petals of a silver sunflower.’ In search of a father they barely remember, Zouga and Dr Robyn Ballantyne board Mungo St John's magnificent clipper to speed them to Africa. But long before they sight that mighty continent, Robyn knows that she and Mungo will battle with all the fury of natural enemies -- and love with all the desperation of those unable to evade the commands of fate. For if she can bring hope and healing to Africa's fever-ridden shores, he, a lawless trader in human cargo, will possess any man -- or woman -- he chooses...

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A Fine Night For Dying

Author: Jack Higgins

Part of a series: Chavasse

Publisher: Harper Collins (2003)

The death of a gangster draws super-spy Paul Chavasse into a breathtaking new adventure on the high seas in the latest paperback from one of the true masters of modern thriller writing, the bestselling author of Midnight Runner and The Keys of Hell. Weighted down by chain, the body of gangland boss Harvey Preston was dragged out of the English Channel in the nets of a local fishing boat. British intelligence suspects a connection with a modern cross-channel smuggling ring. But as undercover agent Paul Chavasse embarks on what will be one of the most dangerous cases in his extraordinary career, he soon discovers that this is no small-time operation -- and the ruthless men behind it will go to any lengths to protect their precious cargo.

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A French Affair

Author: Susan Lewis

Publisher: W F Howes Ltd (2013)

When Natalie Moore is killed in a freak accident in France her mother - the very poised and elegant Jessica - knows instinctively there is more to it.However, Natalie's father - the glamorous, high-flying Charlie - is so paralysed by the horror of losing his daughter, that he refuses even to discuss his wife's suspicions.

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A Game Of Life Or Death

Author: Anita Jackson

Publisher: Nelson Thornes (1974)

The engaging, eye-catching covers, clear and well-spaced type and high-interest plots, have become a hallmark of this successful series. This, combined with the controlled reading-age of seven and eight, ensures pupils will enjoy reading alone with enthusiasm and confidence.

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