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AQA Design and Technology: Resistant Materials Technology

Authors: Ian Fawcett, Roger Smith, Mick Whittle

Publisher: Nelson Thornes Limited (2009)

AQA recognises the importance of good quality teaching, learning and assessment resources to accompany their specification. That's why they've chosen to work exclusively with Nelson Thornes. With AQA examiners providing content and quality control, you can be confident that this book is as closely matched to the specification as it can be. AQA GCSE Design and Technology is the only series fully endorsed by AQA, making this book the first choice to support the new GCSE Food Technology specification. This book features: Comprehensive support for the Controlled Assessment, providing guidance on the five assessment criteria Complete coverage of the key theory required for the written examination Learning Objectives linked to the AQA specification for each topic Activities to develop design and making skills and apply concepts to real-life contexts Key terms, AQA Examiner's Tips, Remember boxes and Links to reinforce and maximise learning. This book is accompanied by engaging online resources on Kerboodle! For more information visit

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Artists Kitchen

Author: Sybil Andrews

Publisher: R K Hudson (1986)

”This book has grown out of the years of teaching my private arts class – the problems of every kind which crop up in a group endeavouring to make pictures, or works of Art, not copying, but attempting to work out ideas and create their own pictures”

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Arts And Crafts Around The World

Author: Anon

Part of a series: Discovery World Stage F

Publisher: Heinemann (1997)

There are many different arts and crafts. This book discusses eight of them, showing where in the world they are practiced, as well as providing instructions so that children can have a go at these arts and crafts at home.

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Be Prepared

Author: The Scout Association

Publisher: Simon and Schuster (2003)

Are you prepared? Do you know the right way to hold an eel, wield an axe or string a hammock? Do you have the skills to survive in the wild, predict the weather or shine at a party? If the answer to any of these is no, then this is the book for you. Jam-packed with gems old and new, this compendium will delight readers of all ages. Gleaned from over a hundred years of Scouting heritage, Be Prepared is quirky, surprisingly useful and most of all fun.

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Berthe Morisot

Author: Margaret Shennan

Publisher: Sutton Publishing (2000)

This biography explores many of the questions that have surrounded Berthe Morisot since her death, such as the rumour that she was descended from the 18th-century French master, Fragonard; the true nature of her relationship with Edouard Manet and her decision to marry his brother Eugene; and why, in spite of political and cultural connections, did she find happiness and public recognition so elusive? Morisot, one of France's most distinguished female painters, was born in 1841 and grew up within a cultured, well-connected Parisian family during the Second Empire. Tutored by Guichard and Corot, Morisot and her sister developed their artistic skills by copying old masters at the Louvre and by working in the open air.

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Build Your Own Model House

Author: Roderick Hunt

Part of a series: Oxford Reading Tree Stages 1-11: Fact Finders: Unit C: Houses and Homes

Publisher: Oxford University Press (1994)

This book teaches children how to make their own model house and provides them with a number of exciting ideas to make it their own. A non-fiction book from the Oxford Reading Tree series. The non-fiction component of Oxford Reading Tree introduces non-fiction to infant children, and focuses on developing the information retrieval and handling skills they need. The series encompasses a whole range of genres, illustration styles and subject focuses and is suitable for children between the levels of 1 and 11.

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Business - Level 2

Authors: Carol Carysforth, Mike Neild, Catherine Richards

Publisher: Pearson Education Limited (2010)

Business - Level 2 BTEC Chapters (as requested): 1 - Business Purposes 2 - Business organisations 19 - The Marketing Plan

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Does It Have To Rhyme?

Author: Sandy Brownjohn

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (1980)

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Essentials Gcse Design & Technology Resistant Materials Workbook

Author: Anon

Publisher: Letts And Lonsdale (2009)

This workbook is for the new GCSE Resistant Materials specifications and is suitable for students starting the course from September 2009 onwards. It supports the GCSE Resistant Materials Essentials Revision Guide. It is matched to topics in the Revision Guide and packed full of questions to test understanding. This workbook also includes GCSE-style questions for essential exam practice.

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How To Make A Clown Costume

Author: Alison Hawes

Publisher: Rigby (2004)

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