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And The Weak Suffer What They Must?

Author: Yanis Varoufakis

Publisher: The Bodley Head (2016)

In 2008, the universe of Western finance outgrew planet Earth. When Wall Street imploded, a death embrace between insolvent banks and bankrupt states consumed Europe. Half a dozen national economies imploded and several more came close. But the storm is far from over… From the aftermath of the Second World War to the present, Varoufakis recounts how the eurozone emerged not as route to shared prosperity but as a pyramid scheme of debt with countries such as Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain at its bottom. Its woeful design ensured that collapse would be inevitable and catastrophic. But since the hurricane landed Europe’s leaders have chosen a cocktail of more debt and harsh austerity rather than reform, ensuring that the weakest citizens of the weakest nations pay the price for the bankers’ mistakes, while doing nothing to prevent the next collapse. Instead, the principle of the greatest austerity for those suffering the greatest recessions has led to a resurgence of racist extremism. Once more, Europe is a potent threat to global stability. Drawing on the personal experience of his own negotiations with the eurozone’s financiers and offering concrete policies and alternatives, Varoufakis shows how we concocted this mess and how we can get out of it. "And The Weak Suffer What They Must?" reminds us of our history in order to save European capitalism from itself.

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Business Level 2 Btec

Authors: Carol Carysforth, Mike Neild, Catherine Richards

Publisher: Pearson Education Limited (2010)

Business Level 2 BTEC textbook. Chapters (as requested): 1 - Business purposes 2 - Business organisations 19 - The marketing plan

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Fish! A Remarkable Way To Boost Morale And Improve Results

Authors: Stephen C. Lundin, Harry Paul, John Christensen

Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks (2002)

Imagine a workplace where everyone chooses to bring energy, passion and a positive attitude to the job every day. In this engrossing parable, a fictional manager has the responsibility of turning a chronically unenthusiastic and unhelpful department into an effective team. Seattle's Pike Place Fish is a world famous market that is wildly successful thanks to its fun, bustling, joyful atmosphere and great customer service. By applying ingeniously simple lessons learned from the Pike Place, our manager discovers how to energise and transform her workplace. Addressing today's most pressing work issues with an engaging metaphor and an appealing message, FISH! offers wisdom that is easy to grasp, instantly applicable, and profound.

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Ocr Applied Business For Gcse Double Award

Authors: Karen Hough, Rebecca Bentley

Publisher: Hodder Education (2009)

This book has been written specifically to meet the needs of the new Specification for OCR GCSE in Applied Business for first teaching in September 2009. It has been designed and written with GCSE candidates of all abilities in mind to allow them to develop a better understanding of the way in which the business world operates. One of the key focuses has been on the stretch and challenge now required for A* students.

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Reaching The Consumer

Author: Reginald Watts

Publisher: Century (1970)

This book is a key guide for those studying, or working in, PR. It contains the elements of product public relations.

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Rogue Trader

Authors: Nick Leeson, Edward Whitley

Publisher: Little Brown & Company (1996)

Few news stories have grabbed the world’s headlines quite like the collapse of Barings merchant bank in late February 1995. Trusted with the finances of royalty and aristocracy for over two hundred years, Barings had apparently been brought down by the covert trading activities of just one man, leaving the bank with losses of around £850 million. The fate of that man, Nick Leeson, is now well known. But, until the publication of Rogue Trader, Leeson’s role in the affair has been shrouded in rumour and speculation. The story he has to tell surpasses the feats of imagination of the most creative novelist: the candid, compelling and true confession of a pure gambler who found himself sucked into a spiral of terrifying loss. Pressure, pace, error: Leeson reveals in breathtaking style the inside story of this amazing chain of events. Crackling with dialogue and characters, in a narrative as crisp as any thriller, Rogue Trader is the hugely compelling account of a man shaped by events that proved beyond his control.

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Winning The Brain Game Fixing The 7 Fatal Flaws Of Thinking

Author: Matthew E May

Publisher: Mcgraw-hill Education (2016)

In Winning the Brain Game, author and creative strategist Matthew E. May explains these and other “fatal flaws” of thinking, catalogued over the course of ten years and hundreds of interactive creative sessions in which he gave more than 100,000 professionals a thought challenge based on a real case far less complex than their everyday problems. Not only did less than 5% arrive at the best and most elegant solution, but the solutions given were remarkably similar, revealing seven observable problem-solving patterns that can block our best thinking. Calling on modern neuroscience and psychology to help explain the seven fatal flaws, May draws insights from some of the world’s most innovative thinkers. He then blends in a super-curated, field-tested set of “fixes” proven through hundreds of creative sessions to raise our thinking game to a more mindful level. Regardless of playing field, mindful thinking is the new competitive advantage, and the seven fixes are a magic set of tools for achieving it. Winning the Brain Game will lead you to better decision-making, higher levels of creativity, clearer strategies, and overall success in business, work and life.

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