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50 Ways To Feel Happy

Authors: Vanessa King, Peter Harper, Val Payne

Publisher: QED publishing (2018)

What can you do to help yourself (and others) feel happier? This book is packed full of activities and ideas to try with family, friends and on your own. So, whether you feel happy right now and want to stay that way or you need some ideas to help you feel happier, this book is for you. It’s a cheerful, fun, inspiring, and varied collection of projects for creative, happy and thinking individuals, containing a mixture of step-by-step projects and shorter activity ideas that encompass happiness-inspiring crafts, mindfulness, relaxation, and positivity techniques, and fun ways to get active and boost happiness outdoors. Read through the book from start to finish or dip in and out as the mood you. What's more, these activities are great to repeat time and again as a child builds their happiness skills and incorporates techniques into their daily life. For younger children, parents and carers may wish to work through the book with them, offering guidance and support, whereas more confident readers, 'tweens', and young teens will be able to enjoy engaging with the book independently. Each of the 50 activities relates to one of Action for Happiness’s 10 key evidence-based ways to increase happiness and wellbeing: 1. Giving – doing things for others 2. Relating – connecting with people 3. Exercising – taking care of your body 4. Awareness – living life mindfully 5. Trying out – keep learning new things 6. Direction – have goals to look forward to 7. Resilience – find ways to bounce back 8. Emotions – look for what’s good 9. Acceptance – be comfortable with who you are 10. Meaning – be part of something bigger.

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600 Aromatherapy Recipes For Beauty, Health And Home

Author: Beth Jones

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2014)

Aromatherapy & essential oils are used by thousands of people around the world, and have been for many centuries in one form or another. This is due to their ability to promote a healthy body and serene mind by aiming to restore balance both physically and psychologically. This book opens up the world of aromatherapy by providing lots of information and practical advice on how to maximize the use of essential oils. 600 Aromatherapy Recipes will teach you how to create your own blends in the comfort of your home, advise you what steps to undertake when buying essential oils, and also how to store them properly. 42 oils are explained in detail, outlining their benefits, advantages, properties, and what other oils they blend well with. Carrier oils are also explained, along with some very important safety guidelines that must always be adhered to. Living a greener, healthier, more natural lifestyle is easily achievable with aromatherapy and essential oils. 600 Aromatherapy Recipes shows you the potential power of essential oils and how they can achieve results that are nothing short of amazing.

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Amber's Donkey

Authors: Julian Austwick, Tracy Austwick, Ruth Kelly

Publisher: Ebury Press (2016)

Amber's Donkey is an inspirational story about overcoming adversity. When Shocks the donkey was left for dead on a farm in Ireland, no one ever thought he would make a full recovery. When Amber and her twin sister Hope were born 26 weeks premature, it was Amber who was separated from family and rushed into theatre for an emergency tracheostomy. Her parents were given the devastating news that she had Cerebral Palsy and would be unlikely to walk or talk. Then Amber met Shocks at the Donkey Sanctuary and their lives were changed for good. This is their touching story of recovery through friendship.

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An Introduction To The Hair And Beauty Sector Entry 3 Level 1

Authors: Gilly Ford, Helen Stewart, Samantha Taylor

Publisher: Heinemann (2011)

Written by a team of experienced authors so you can be sure the content is relevant, pitched at the right level and of the highest quality. Content is closely matched to the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for the main awarding bodies so learners can be confident that everything is covered. Each unit is presented in topic spreads and designed with a variety of learning styles and abilities in mind, making the content even more accessible. Covers 14 units - enough for completion of a full Level 1 Diploma. Contains a variety of engaging, active and practical activities to cater for the differing needs of all your learners.

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Born To Run

Author: Christopher McDougall

Publisher: Profile Books (2010)

At the heart of Born to Run lies a mysterious tribe of Mexican Indians, the Tarahumara, who live quietly in canyons and are reputed to be the best distance runners in the world; in 1993, one of them, aged 57, came first in a prestigious 100-mile race wearing a toga and sandals. A small group of the world's top ultra-runners (and the awe-inspiring author) make the treacherous journey into the canyons to try to learn the tribe's secrets and then take them on over a course 50 miles long. With incredible energy and smart observation, McDougall tells this story while asking what the secrets are to being an incredible runner. Travelling to labs at Harvard, Nike, and elsewhere, he comes across an incredible cast of characters, including the woman who recently broke the world record for 100 miles and for her encore ran a 2:50 marathon in a bikini, pausing to down a beer at the 20 mile mark.

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Children, Feelings And Divorce

Author: Heather Smith

Publisher: Free Association Books (1999)

The outcome of the author's twenty-five years of working with children whose parents have divorced, "Children, Feelings and Divorce" contains a unique feature chapter where the author addresses children and their concerns about their divorcing parents. This book has a positive approach and should be essential reading for anyone with children who are facing a divorce.

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Clowns' Gallery

Author: Bridget Gibbs

Part of a series: All Aboard Series Stage 7

Publisher: Harcourt Education (1995)

Part of the All Aboard Non Fiction series. This book explains different characteristics of various types of clowns throughout history, describing their costumes, make up and personalities. It also gives a brief description of some of the most famous clowns, including some who are still popular today.

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Author: David Keefe

Publisher: Exisle (2012)

Do you want to feel happier in your life? Are you attacked by doubts? Do nerves sometimes prevent you from doing things you might enjoy? Do you wish you could concentrate better? If so, this book is for you! From as little as three minutes a day, you can learn how to feel calmer, happier, more focused and ready to achieve your goals ...whether that's nailing your exams, playing well in your netball match, improving your times in the pool or simply asking out the girl next door! And the good news is that it's not hard. So what are you waiting for? It's time to get a coolmind!

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Cope Certificate Of Personal Effectiveness

Author: Asdan

Publisher: Asdan Education

CoPE provides a framework for the development, assessment and accreditation of generic and wider key skills and wider activities, through a nationally recognised qualification at Level 3. The qualification offers imaginative ways of accrediting young people's activities. It promotes, and allows centres to record, a wide range of personal qualities, abilities and achievements of young people, as well as introducing them to new activities and challenges.

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Depressive Illness

Author: Dr Tim Cantopher

Publisher: Sheldon Press (2012)

This book has helped many thousands of those who have depression. This new edition, written by a leading consultant psychiatrist, explains that depression tests the strongest of us. Dr Cantopher guides the reader through the nature of depression, its history, symptoms, causes and treatments. He covers the latest information on medications, new guidelines as to the management of depression, and stresses that no one should be to blame for succumbing to depression.

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