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Collins New Primary Maths Pupil Book 6a

Authors: Jeanette Mumford, Sandra Roberts, Andrew Edmondson

Part of a series: Collins New Primary Maths

Publisher: Collins (2007)

William Collins' dream of knowledge for all began with the publication of his first book in 1819. A self-educated mill worker, he not only enriched millions of lives, but also founded a flourishing publishing house. Today, staying true to this spirit, Collins books are packed with inspiration, innovation and practical expertise. They place you at the centre of a world of possibility and give you exactly what you need to explore it.

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Desperate Measures

Author: Kjartan Poskitt

Part of a series: Murderous Maths

Publisher: Scholastic Children's Books (2000)

Is maths making you miserable? Do you ever feel you're one gram short of a kilo? Find out why a horse needs hands and how measurements can defeat an alien invasion from the Planet Zog. Meanwhile, Dolly Snowlips despairs as the gangsters get their maths wrong yet again.

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Fermats Last Theorum

Author: Simon Singh

Publisher: Fourth Estate Limited (1997)

I HAVE DISCOVERED A TRULY MARVELLOUS PROOF, WHICH THIS MARGIN IS TOO NARROW TO CONTAIN. With these tantalising words the seventeenth-century French mathematician Pierre de Fermat threw down the gauntlet to future generations. Format's last theorem looked simple enough for a child to solve, yet the finest mathematical minds would be baffled by the search for the proof. Over three hundred and fifty years were to pass before a mi]d-mannered Englishman finally cracked the mystery in 1995. Fermat by then was far more than a theorem. Whole lives had been devoted to the quest for a solution. There was Sophie Germain,who had to take on the identity of a man to conduct research in a field forbidden to females. The dashing Evariste Galois scribbled down the results of his research deep into the night before sauntering out to die in a duel. The Japanese genius Yutaka Taniyama killed himself in despair, while the German industrialist Paul Wolfskehl claimed, Fermat had saved Mm from suicide. Andrew Wiles had dreamed of proving Fermat ever since he first read about the theorem as a boy of ten in his local library. Whilst the hopes of others had been dashed, his dream was destined to come true - but only after years of toil and frustration, of exhilarating breakthrough and crashing disappointment. The true story of how mathematics' most challenging problem was made to yield up its secrets is a thrilling tale of endurance, ingenuity and inspiration.

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Nutty Numbers

Author: Rowland Morgan

Part of a series: Fact Attack

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books (1998)

Did you know Britons eat 451 million tins of baked beans a year, 224 times as much as Europe's second-largest consumer, Sweden, or your intestines are longer than a typical sitting room (7.5 metres). This book is full of amazing, nutty number facts!

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