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1066 And All That

In Adult fiction: Humour

Authors: W C Sellar, R J Yeatman

Publisher: Methuen (1998)

ISBN: 0413772705

A comic satire upon textbook history squeezing in "all the history you can remember" from the Olden Days and dashing Queen Woadicea to the reigns of the Eggkings (Eggberd, Eggbreth and Eggforth, and their mysterious Eggdeath), from the dreadful story of Stephen and his aunt Matilda to the Magna Charter, from the six burglars of Calais to the disillusion of the monasteries and the life of Broody Mary, from Williamanmary, when "England was ruled by an orange", to the Boston Tea-Party and the annoying confusion between Napoleon and Nelson, to the Peace to end all Peace. This light-hearted look at England and history provides a colourful commentary for all those with a curiosity for the past.

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