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2017 War With Russia: An Urgent Warning From Senior Military Command

In Non-fiction: Military

Author: Richard Shirreff

Publisher: Coronet (2016)

ISBN: unknown

Closely modelled on his NATO experience of war gaming future conflicts, 2017 War with Russia by Sir Richard Shirreff is a chilling account of where we are heading if we fail to recognize the threat posed by the Russian President. Written by the recently retired Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe and endorsed by many senior military figures, including the recently retired Supreme Allied Commander, this book shows why war is now almost inevitable and how ‘the logic of war’ will probably drive our conflict of interest with Russia towards a bloody and appalling conclusion. President Putin said: ‘We have all the reasons to believe that the policy of containment of Russia which was happening in the 18th, 19th, 20th century is still going on...’ And: ‘If you press the spring, it will release at some point; something you should remember.’ Like any ‘strongman’, his reputation for strength is everything. Lose momentum, fail to give his people what they want and he fails. The President has already demonstrated that he has no intention of failing. He has already started a lethal dynamic which, unless checked right now, will see him invade the Baltic States. Russia’s invasion and seizure of Georgia in 2008 was our ‘Rhineland moment’. We ignored the warning signs - as we did back in the 1930s - and we made it ‘business as usual’. Crimea in 2014 was the President’s ‘Sudetenland moment’ and again he got away with it. Since 2014 Russia has been making its move on Ukraine. The Baltics will be next. Our political leaders assume that nuclear deterrence will save us. General Sir Richard Shirreff shows why this will not wash.

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