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A Bear Grylls Adventure: The Desert Challenge

In Children's fiction: Adventure

Author: Bear Grylls

Part of a series: Bear Grylls Adventures

Publisher: Bear Grylls (2017)

ISBN: 1786960133

Ready for some real adventure? Sophie loves camp - except for all the creepy-crawlies. Getting trapped in the tent with a Daddy Long Legs is terrifying, and spiders make her scream. It’s so embarrassing. But then a mysterious compass transports her to a fiercely hot desert, where Bear Grylls, her guide, is waiting. The sun is beating down, and together they must trek to find water and overcome the dangers lurking in the dunes . . . Will Sophie find her survival spirit, face up to her fears and make her way back to her friends? An inspirational adventure for young survival experts from Chief Scout Bear Grylls, with wonderful Illustrations by Emma McCann.

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