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A Brief History Of Time

In Non-fiction: Science

Author: Stephen Hawking

Publisher: Bantam Books (1988)

ISBN: 0553175211

'One of the most brilliant scientific minds since Einstein' Daily Express Was there a beginning of time? Could time run backwards? Is the universe infinite or does it ; have boundaries? These are just some of the questions considered in an internationally acclaimed masterpiece which begins by reviewing the great theories of the cosmos from Newton to Einstein, before delving into the secrets which still lie at the heart of space and time. 'Master of the Universe... One scientist's courageous voyage to the frontiers of the Cosmos' Newsweek 'He can explain the complexities of cosmological physics with an engaging combination of clarity and wit...His is a brain of extraordinary power' Observer 'To follow such a fine mind as it exposes such great problems is an exciting experience' Sunday Times

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