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A Limited Engagement

In Adult fiction: Romance

Author: Tilly Armstrong

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (1980)

ISBN: 0450048241

Kate Duncannon was five years older than her brother, a tall, slender girl with a competent air about her and a great deal of humour lurking in her bright blue eyes, though the laughter which normally came easily to her had been quenched in recent weeks. The sudden death of the man whose confidential secretary she had been for several years had been a severe blow to her. She had both admired and respected Sir Gabriel Murray, and her enjoyment of her work had been enhanced by a genuine attachment to the man who was a personal friend as well as an exhilarating employer. She had grieved for his loss, but she had found that few people took any account of her feelings when dealing with the aftermath of his death. One of the few had been Marcus Findale. She had been surprised to receive a brief note of sympathy from him, since they were only slightly acquainted, but she had also been grateful for his consideration. Now she wondered a little cynically whether he had already had this strange plan in mind when he had written, and had taken this way of recommending himself to her.

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