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Raiders Of The Lost Car Park

In Adult fiction: Humour

Author: Robert Rankin

Publisher: Corgi (1994)

ISBN: 0552138339

Cornelius Murphy and his tiny companion Tuppe, the stuff of epics and so forth, have a plan: enter the Forbidden Zones, rescue Hugo Rune (mage, inventor, close personal friend of Einstein, author of The Book of Ultimate Truths and father to Cornelius) andfind some of the boundless wealth reputed to be stored there. The freed Hugo Rune now reveals his own agenda. He must overthrow the hideous powers within the Forbidden Zones. These are fairies no less, and their evil king is someone even more legendary than Elvis Presley himself! In a scheme that involves kidnapping the Queen while she addresses the world before a concert performance by Gandhis Hairdryer (the worlds greatest rock band), Rune and his gang of followers (including Polly Gotting, former assistant to the master detective Inspectre Sherringford Hovis) ricochet from one potential disaster to another.

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