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A Rag, A Bone And A Hank Of Hair

Author: Jonathan Gash

Part of a series: Lovejoy

Publisher: Macmillan (1999)

Lovejoy is not fan of London - in fact he avoids it at all costs. But as a favour he agrees to go to find out who has been passing off fake gemstones. But when he visits his old friends, Colette and Arthur, he is in for a dreadful surprise.

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A Restless Evil

Author: Ann Granger

Part of a series: A Mitchell and Markby mystery

Publisher: Headline (2002)

It sends a shiver down Detective Superintendent Alan Markby's spine when he hears that a rambler has stumbled on human bones in Stovey Woods in the heart of the Cotswolds. Twenty-two years ago, as a fresh-faced young inspector, he had a rare failure in the hunt for a brutal serial rapist preying on local women. After the third rape, the attacker went to ground, never to be heard of again. Now, with a new investigation prompted by the grisly remains, the trail could be warm once more. But almost at once Markby is confronted with another body and a thoroughly up-to-date murder. Could the two be connected? It seems that some of the village residents would be just as happy to let sleeping dogs lie and secrets - both old and new - stay hidden...

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A Rule Against Murder

Author: Louise Penny

Part of a series: Chief Inspector Gamache

Publisher: Sphere (2011)

It's the height of summer, and the wealthy Finney family have gathered at the Manoir Bellechasse to pay tribute to their late father. But as the temperature rises, old secrets and bitter rivalries begin to surface. When the heat wave boils over into a mighty storm, a dead body is left in its wake

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A Study In Murder

Author: Robert Ryan

Part of a series: Dr Watson

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (2015)

The year is 1917 and Doctor John Watson is held in a notorious POW camp deep in enemy Germany, there as Medical Officer for the British prisoners. With the Allied blockade, food is perilously short in the camp and when a new prisoner is murdered all assume the poor chap was killed for his Red Cross parcel. Watson, though, isn't so sure. Something isn't quite what it seems and a creeping feeling of unease tells Watson there is more to this than meets the eye. And when an escape plot is apparently uncovered in his hut and he is sent to solitary confinement, he knows he has touched a nerve. If Watson is to reveal the heinous crimes that have occurred at the camp, he must escape before he is silenced for good. All he needs is some long-distance help from his old friend, Sherlock Holmes…

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A Sunless Sea

Author: Anne Perry

Part of a series: William Monk

Publisher: Headline (2012)

Can Monk uncover the truth behind a deadly opium conspiracy? Propelled into the darkest corners of the opium trade, New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry sends Inspector Monk on a thrilling adventure in A Sunless Sea, the eighteenth novel featuring the charismatic detective. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Sarah Perry. 1864 and on the bank of the Thames, Monk is appalled at the shocking mutilation visited upon the body of a woman found on Limehouse Pier. But when enquiries into the brutal killing unearth a connection between the victim and Dr Lambourn, a brilliant, recently deceased scientist and staunch supporter for a new pharmaceutical bill aimed to regulate the sale of opium, it becomes clear that not all is as it seems. Lambourn's widow refuses to believe the official verdict that her husband's death was suicide; she is convinced that he was murdered after the research he was conducting was discredited by government officials intent on keeping the lucrative trade of opium flowing. With pressure mounting for the river police to find the Limehouse killer, Monk is propelled headlong into an investigation that will delve into the darkest depths of the opium trade and threaten to expose corruption in the very highest echelons of society...

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A Suspension Of Mercy

Authors: Patricia Highsmith, Joan Schenkar

Publisher: Virago (2014)

Sydney Bartleby has killed his wife. At least, he has thought about it, compulsively, repeatedly, plotting schemes, designing escapes, forging alibis. Of course he has; he's a thriller writer. He even knows how to dispose of her body. But when Alicia takes a long, unannounced holiday, Sydney descends into the treacherous world of his own fantasy.

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A Tap On The Window

Author: Linwood Barclay

Publisher: Orion (2013)

When Cal Weaver stops at a red light on a rainy night while driving home, he ignores the bedraggled-looking teenage girl trying to hitch a ride - even when she starts tapping on his window. But when he realises she's one of his son's classmates, he knows he can't really leave her, alone, on the street. But nothing prepares him for the consequences of trying to help her out. The next morning he's gone from Good Samaritan to Murder Suspect, and with one girl dead and another missing, he's suddenly at the centre of a deadly puzzle that reaches right to the heart of the town - from its bullying police force to its strangely furtive mayor - and finally to one family's shocking secret.

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A Taste Of Life

Author: Sara Paretsky

Part of a series: Penguin 60s

Publisher: Penguin (1995)

Sara Paretsky was born and brought up in Kansas. She is the author of eight novels featuring her feisty female sleuth V. I. Warshawski; her latest book, Tunnel Vision, along with most of her other stories, is published in Penguin. This collection features ‘A Taste of Life’, ‘Dealers Choice’ and ‘The Man Who Loved Life’, all previously unpublished in any of Sara Paretsky’s collections.

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A Thief In The Night

Author: E W Hornung

Part of a series: Raffles

Publisher: Unknown

For weeks, Bunny Manders has scoured the sporting papers, looking for word of his vanished friend—the cricketer, playboy, and gentleman thief A. J. Raffles. A mysterious message lures Bunny to a darkened side street, where he finds Raffles in filthy clothes, with an unkempt beard. The amateur cracksman has been lying low in the empty townhouse of a vacationing colonel—what better place to take a Rest Cure? He invites Bunny to stay with him, but when the colonel returns unexpectedly, the public school duo is forced to contemplate a crime beyond reason: murder. Pushed to the very brink of disaster, the quick-footed Raffles recovers in style. In these classic stories, England’s most honorable thief and his loyal companion elude criminologists, cops, and ruthless professional villains, stealing whatever they want—and doing it with flair.

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A Twist In The Tale

Author: Jeffrey Archer

Publisher: Pan Books (2003)

The expected never happens ...a man calls unexpectedly on his mistress and sees another man leaving her flat. Accusing her of being unfaithful, he quarrels with her, strikes her. She dies. Leaving unseen, he tips off the police so that the other man is arrested and charged ...Has he achieved 'The Perfect Murder'? A tanstalising opening to "A Twist in the Tale". Consider also: a wine-tasting with a bizarre difference, a game of sex with a sexy stranger, a violent row in a golf clubhouse bar, a rivalry founded on eating cornflakes ...just some of the openings in this cunningly constructed, fast-moving, entertaining set of stories from the bestselling author of our time.

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