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Code To Zero

Author: Ken Follett

Publisher: Pan Books (2001)

48 hours that could change the world's political landscape...A man wakes up to find himself lying on the ground in a railway station, his mind stripped bare of all recollection. He has no idea how he got there. He does not even know his own name. Convinced he is a drunken down and out. it isn't until a newspaper report about a satellite launch catches his eye that he begins to suspect all is not what it seems...The year is 1958, and America is about to launch its first satellite, in a desperate attempt to match the Soviet Sputnik and regain the lead in the space race. As Luke Lucas gradually unravels the mystery of his amnesia, he realizes that his fate is bound up with that of the rocket that stands ready on launch pad 26B at Cape Canaveral.

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Coffin Road

Author: Peter May

Publisher: Riverrun (2016)

A man stands bewildered on a deserted beach on the Hebridean Isle of Harris. He cannot remember who he is. The only clue to his identity is a folded map of a path named the Coffin Road. He does not know where this search will take him... A detective from Lewis sits aboard a boat, filled with doubt. DS George Gunn knows that a bludgeoned corpse has been discovered on a remote rock twenty miles offshore. He does not know if he has what it takes to uncover how and why... A teenage girl lies in her Edinburgh bedroom, desperate to discover the truth about her scientist father’s suicide. Two years on, Karen Fleming still cannot accept that he would wilfully abandon her. She does not yet know his secret... Coffin Road follows three perilous journeys towards one shocking truth – and the realisation that ignorance can kill us.

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Cold Blood

Author: Andy McNab

Part of a series: Nick Stone Thriller

Publisher: Corgi (2017)

Out here, the cold isn't the only killer. Nick Stone is suffering. The two people he cared for most are gone. Desperate for the chance to escape his misery, Stone heads north at the summons of his old SAS officer. Five ex-servicemen, badly wounded in Afghanistan, need his back-up for a trek to the North Pole. They meet at the world’s most northerly airport where the polar bear threat makes it illegal not to carry a gun. But it doesn’t take long for Stone and his men to discover that the most dangerous predators in this part of the world walk on two legs, not four. The coldest war of all is just beginning and Stone needs to pick a side.

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Cold Kill

Author: Stephen Leather

Part of a series: Spider Shepherd Thrillers

Publisher: Hodder (2006)

Even deadlier than terrorists . . . are the men trying to stop them. People-smuggling, counterfeit currency and attempted murder. It's all in a day's work for undercover cop Dan 'Spider' Shepherd. But what starts as a run-of-the mill investigation quickly turns into a matter of life and death when he uncovers a terrorist cell on a mission of death and destruction. The target: hundreds of passengers on a cross-channel train deep below the English Channel. With the clock ticking and the explosives primed, Shepherd and his colleagues have to decide just how far they are prepared to go to save innocent lives. And they realise that to avoid catastrophe, they have to be even more merciless than the terrorists.

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Author: Robin Cook

Publisher: Pan Books (1978)

It began with two patients undergoing routine minor surgery in Boston’s greatest hospital. Under the anaesthetic in Operating Room 8 they became the victims of an inexplicable mishap. They never regained consciousness.Up against the scorn of the medics and the hostility of the establishment, one girl medical student starts to probe the coma cases, steadily uncovering something unbelievably hideous ...

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Confetti Can Be Red

Author: Marten Cumberland

Part of a series: Saturnin Dax Mysteries

Publisher: Hurst & Blackett Ltd (1951)

aka The House in the Forest a Saturnin Dax Mystery Thriiler

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Author: Michael Crichton

Publisher: Alfred A Knopf (1980)

The search for diamonds, a crucial scientific breakthrough and a mythical ruined city set off this adventure into the heart of the Congolese jungle. The American expedition is led by Karen Ross, desperate to find her husband and recover the data he found before he disappeared. But there are other teams trying to get there first, and the way is strewn with life-threatening dangers -- plane crashes, civil wars and a dormant volcano awoken by dormant explosives. In the tradition of Arthur Conan Doyle and H. Rider Haggard, Congo is a novel of high adventure from the master of the modern thriller.

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Cops And Other Robbers

Author: I K Watson

Publisher: Fourth Estate (1999)

A strong and gripping hard-boiled police procedural crime novel in the Lynda la Plante vein about the hunt for a paedophile and killer of young girls whose victims are seen getting into a car driven by a policeman.

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Author: Bernard Cornwell

Publisher: Penguin (2011)

Nick Breakspear thinks he's opted for the easy life, but acting as nursemaid for the idle rich aboard the luxury yacht Wavebreaker in the Bahamas does have its downside. Especially when you come across a bullet-ridden boat not far from the infamous drug baron's hideaway island of Murder Cay. Most people would turn a blind eye. But Nick Breakspear isn't most people. Before long, Nick and the crew of Wavebreaker find themselves caught in the middle of a drug war between two equally matched and just as deadly forces. And neither side is taking prisoners . .

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Crescent Dawn

Authors: Clive Cussler, Dirk Cussler

Part of a series: Dirk Pitt

Publisher: Penguin (2011)

An ancient cargo long thought lost is found. With terrible consequences . . . Dirk Pitt is surveying in the Middle East when a stroke of luck reveals an Ottoman wreck with a very curious cargo. While investigating the find, he foils a night raid on Istanbul's Topkapi Palace Museum. This puts Pitt at the centre of a race to acquire a series of legendary artefacts.

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