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Heart Of Darkness

Authors: Joseph Conrad, Paul O'Prey


The story tells of Charles Marlow, an Englishman who took a foreign assignment from a Belgian trading company as a ferry-boat captain in Africa. Although Conrad does not give the name of the river, at the time, Congo Free State, the location of the large and important Congo River was a private colony of Belgium's King Leopold II. Marlow is employed to transport ivory downriver. However, his more pressing assignment is to return Kurtz, another ivory trader, to civilization, in a cover-up. Kurtz has a reputation throughout the region

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Hungry As The Sea

Author: Wilbur Smith

Publisher: Heinemann (1978)

Wilbur Smith sets his vividly realistic novels on the razor's edge between human courage and nature's wrath. In Hungry As The Sea, this master storyteller takes us to the frigid South Atlantic, where one man fights for his life-- and for redemption. Nicholas Berg is steaming out of Cape Town aboard the salvage tug Warlock. Once Berg ruled an ocean-going empire. Now, his future has come down to a powerful boat and a daring rescue mission. One of his former ships is being lashed against the cliffs of Cape Alarm, surrounded by deadly icebergs and survivors clinging to their boats. Berg has gambled everything on reaching the Golden Adventurer before a competitor and a violent storm-- to win a fortune in salvage fees. But if Nick Berg succeeds, and climbs back into the international shipping game, that's when the real danger will begin... From the power of a relentless ocean to the hunger of men to survive upon her, this is a towering novel of adventure, love and the daring of the human soul.

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In Search Of The Castaways

Author: Jules Verne


In Search of the Castaways is a novel by the French writer Jules Verne. The three volumes were subtitled "South America", "Australia", and "New Zealand". By an ingenious device he sets before the rescuers a search which compels their circumnavigation of the globe around a certain parallel of the southern hemisphere. Thus they cross in turn through South America, Australia and New Zealand, besides visiting minor islands.

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In The King's Name

Author: Alexander Kent

Publisher: Arrow (2012)

It is January 1819, and Captain Adam Bolitho ships out from Falmouth bound for Freetown, on the old the slave coast of Africa. H.M.S. Onward carries sealed orders in the strongbox below deck. But why all the secrecy and apparent urgency? And why Onward, so soon after the Mediterranean, and that bloody action with Nautilus?

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Jack Holborn

Author: Leon Garfield

Publisher: Puffin Books (1983)

Leon Garfield's Jack Holborn is a wonderful depiction of the sea-going adventure of a lifetime, and a young orphan escaping his unhappy existence as a cobbler's apprentice, hoping for a better life.

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Jacob Faithful

Author: Captain Marryat

Publisher: (1834)

Much of the action takes place on lighters in the Port of London, travelling up amd down the tidal Thames. Jacob loses both his parents in dramatic circumstances, and is brought up by the owner of the wharf where Jacob's family's lighter was based. There is another old lighterman, Tom, with a son, also Tom, and a dog, also Tom, and Jacob becomes very friendly with this trio. Another major character is the schookmaster, or dominie, who kept the school Jacob was sent to, and who had some very dominating habits, such as loudly blowing his nose, and constantly adding dog-Latin tags to his every speech.

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Japhet In Search Of A Father

Author: Captain Marryat

Publisher: (1836)

"Japhet in Search of a Father" was published in 1836, the seventh book to flow from Marryat's pen. It was the first of Marryat's books not to have a nautical setting. It is a brilliantly written book, giving us insights into aspects of nineteenth century life that we cannot easily get elsewhere. There is a sustained and fascinating magical quality about the book, which makes it very compelling reading. For many people it will be their favourite book among Marryat's works, and certainly it ranks as one of the greatest books in British literature.

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Master And Commander

Author: Patrick O'Brian

Publisher: Harper Collins (1970)

The opening salvo of the Aubrey-Maturin epic, in which the surgeon introduces himself to the captain by driving an elbow into his ribs during a chamber music recital. Fortunately for millions of readers, the two quickly make up. Then they commence one of the great literary voyages of our century, set against an immaculately detailed backdrop of the Napoleonic wars. This is the place to start--and in all likelihood, you won't be able to stop.

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Moby Dick

Author: Herman Melville


This 1851 novel is sailor Ishmael's narrative of the obsessive quest of Ahab, captain of the whaling ship Pequod, for revenge on Moby Dick, the white whale that on the ship's previous voyage bit off Ahab's leg at the knee. Moby Dick contains large sections—most of them narrated by Ishmael—that seemingly have nothing to do with the plot, but describe types of whales and aspects of the whaling business. There are quotations from, and references to, many contemporary books about whales.

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Mr Midshipman Hornblower

Author: C S Forester

Part of a series: Hornblower

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd (1998)

Meet the quiet, gawky, strangely impressive young man, newly commissioned into Nelson's navy, and sail with him aboard H.M.S. Indefatigable to the Western Atlantic, through a series of dramatic battles and scrapes.

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