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Duncton Stone

Author: William Horwood

Part of a series: The Book Of Silence

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers (1993)

The last tale of a community of moles in Duncton which featured in the books "Duncton Wood", "Duncton Quest" and "Duncton Found". As Pumpkin, library aide extraordinary, leads the followers against the Newborns into retreat in Duncton Wood, all Moledom awaits the coming of the lost Book of Silence.

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Earth, Air, Fire And Custard

Author: Tom Holt

Publisher: Orbit (2006)

J.W. Wells seemed to be a respectable establishment, but the company now paying Paul Carpenter's salary is in fact a deeply sinister organisation with a mighty peculiar management team. Paul thought he was getting the hang of it (particularly when he fell head over heels for his strangely alluring colleague Sophie), but death is never far away when you work at J.W. Wells. Unlike the stapler - that's always going awol. Our lovestruck hero is about to discover that custard is definitely in the eye of the beholder. And that it really stings.

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Empire Of Storms

Author: Sarah J Maas

Part of a series: Throne of Glass

Publisher: Bloomsbury Childrens (2016)

The long path to the throne has just begun for Aelin Galathynius. As the kingdoms of Erilea fracture around her, enemies must become allies if Aelin is to keep those she loves from falling to the dark forces poised to claim her world. With war looming on all horizons, the only chance for salvation lies in a desperate quest that may mark the end of everything Aelin holds dear. Will Aelin succeed in keeping her world from splintering, or will it all come crashing down?

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Enchanters' End Game

Author: David Eddings

Part of a series: The Belgariad

Publisher: Corgi (1985)

With Garion on the throne, peace has finally come to the West. But as long as the evil God Torak still lives, he knows they will never truly be safe. As Princess Ce'Nedra leads her armies in a desperate bid to divert the Evil One’s forces, Garion travels to the City of Endless Night to face Torak for the last time. But one question haunts him: can man ever destroy an immortal God?

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Equal Rites

Author: Terry Pratchett

Part of a series: Discworld

Publisher: Gollancz (1986)

The last thing the wizard Drum Billet did, before Death laid a bony hand on his shoulder, was to pass on his staff of power to the eighth son of an eighth son. Unfortunately for his colleagues in the chauvinistic (not to say misogynistic) world of magic, he failed to check on the new-born baby's sex...

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Author: Terry Pratchett

Part of a series: Discworld

Publisher: Gollancz (1990)

Another episode in the comic Discworld saga in which the Unseen University is in turmoil, haunted by an invisible monster. The author has written ten novels, including the discworld series and "The Carpet People", "Truckers" and "Good Omens".

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Everything Under

Author: Daisy Johnson

Publisher: Jonathan Cape (2018)

Words are important to Gretel, always have been. As a child, she lived on a canal boat with her mother, and together they invented a language that was just their own. She hasn’t seen her mother since the age of sixteen, though – almost a lifetime ago – and those memories have faded. Now Gretel works as a lexicographer, updating dictionary entries, which suits her solitary nature.

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Exile's Return

Author: Raymond E Feist

Part of a series: Conclave of Shadows

Publisher: Voyager (2005)

Once absolute ruler of his nation Kaspar, former Duke of Olasko, has been cast into exile. Abandoned in the wilds of a continent on the other side of the world and left with nothing but his wits and determination, he must fight merely to survive. Armed with guile, cunning and an iron will, he starts his odyssey with a single goal: to return to his home and revenge himself upon the man who cast him down, Talwin Hawkins. But fate has other plans for Kaspar, and as he struggles against adversity, he encounters dangers greater than any he had imagined. More is at stake than he realised and Kaspar is but a single player in a far greater game than he imagined, for pitted against the Conclave of Shadows are the agents of the Dark Empire, a looming menace that threatens not only Kaspar's homeland, but the entire world of Midkemia.

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Faerie Tale

Author: Raymond E Feist

Publisher: Grafton Books (1988)

Successful screenwriter Phil Hastings decides to move his family from sunny California to a ramshackle farmhouse in New York State. The idea is to take some time out, relax and pick up the threads of his career as a novelist. Good plan, bad choice. The place they choose is surrounded by ancient woodland. The house they choose is the centrepoint of a centuries-old evil intent on making its presence felt to intruders.

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Fahrenheit 451

Author: Ray Bradbury

Publisher: Flamingo (1999)

The hauntingly prophetic classic novel set in a not-too-distant future where books are burned by a special task force of firemen. Guy Montag is a fireman. His job is to burn books, which are forbidden, being the source of all discord and unhappiness. Even so, Montag is unhappy; there is discord in his marriage. Are books hidden in his house? The Mechanical Hound of the Fire Department, armed with a lethal hypodermic, escorted by helicopters, is ready to track down those dissidents who defy society to preserve and read books.

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