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Funland And Other Poems

Author: Dannie Abse

Publisher: Hutchinson (1973)

Funland is an ambitious work which skilfully uses the metaphor of a mental institution to develop a comic, but surrealist and disturbing, view of the world. It is preceded by some compassionate poems from Dannie Abse's everyday experience. The powerful imagery of Funland complements the vivid observation of the first poems.

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Author: Basho

Part of a series: Penguin 60s Classics

Publisher: Penguin Books (1995)

Haiku by Bash?, one of the great Japanese masters By combining the ideals of karumi – lightness of touch – and oneness with nature, Bash? (1644-94) rose above the artificiality of previous haiku poets to become the master of the genre in his time. His exquisite compositions reflect the influence of Zen Buddhism and a life spent travelling, and reveal him to be an inspired perfectionist who sought to express himself in the purest possible form. These translations by Lucien Stryk are drawn from On Love and Barley, published in Penguin Classics.

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Idylls Of The King

Author: Alfred Lord Tennyson


Tennyson had a life-long interest in the legend of King Arthur and after the huge success of his poem 'Morte d'Arthur' he built on the theme with this series of twelve poems, written in two periods of intense creativity over nearly twenty years. Idylls of the King traces the story of Arthur's rule, from his first encounter with Guinevere and the quest for the Holy Grail to the adultery of his Queen with Launcelot and the King's death in a final battle that spells the ruin of his kingdom. Told with lyrical and dreamlike eloquence, Tennyson's depiction of the Round Table reflects a longing for a past age of valour and chivalry. And in his depiction of King Arthur he created a hero imbued with the values of the Victorian age - one who embodies the highest ideals of manhood and kingship.

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In Parenthesis

Author: David Jones

Part of a series: Poets of the Great War

Publisher: Faber & Faber (2014)

No poetry has touched readers' hearts more deeply than the soldier poets of the First World War. Published to commemorate the centenary of 1914, this stunning set of books, with specially commissioned covers by leading print makers, is an essential gathering of our most beloved war poets introduced by leading poets and biographers of our present day. Introductio n by TS Eliot

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In Someone's Shadow

Author: Rod McKuen

Publisher: Cheval Books (1959)

In Someone's Shadow is, quite simply, one of the most direct, touching and beautiful collections of love poems by an American poet. In diary form it chronicles aloneness, the coming of love, the duration of an affair and the leave-taking. Using the seasons of the year as a platform to speak eloquently of man's need, the words in this book underscore the reason why Rod McKuen has become not only the most influential and best-selling poet of our lifetime, but quite possibly the best-selling poet of all time.

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In The Days When The World Was Wide And Other Verses

Author: Henry Lawson

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2016)

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In The Interlude (Poems 1945-1960)

Author: Boris Pasternak

Publisher: Oxford University Press (1962)

Although Boris Pasternak is best known to English readers for his remarkable novel 'Dr. Zhivago' his great reputation rests mainly on his quality as a poet; this in spite of the fact that he published almost no original poems during the latter half of his life. That his quality was in fact undiminished after a long silence was made clear by the poems which appeared in 'Dr. Zhivago' and there has been, since the novel appeared in English, renewed appreciation and lively interest in his later poetic output. This volume contains all his later work, from 1945 to his death. The translations, which succeed to a remarkable degree in retaining the form as well as the feeling of the original, were made with the encouragement of Max Hayward (co-translator with Manya Harari of 'Dr. Zhivago') and George Katkov (who has added detailed and revealing notes to the volume). There is a foreword by Sir Maurice Bowra. The poems are printed with facing Russian text.

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Inside The Wave

Author: Helen Dunmore

Publisher: Bloodaxe Books Ltd (2017)

To be alive is to be inside the wave, always travelling until it breaks and is gone. These poems are concerned with the borderline between the living and the dead - the underworld and the human living world - and the exquisitely intense being of both. They possess a spare, eloquent lyricism as they explore the bliss and anguish of the voyage.

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Author: Jacob Polley

Publisher: Picador (2016)

Jackself is the fourth collection from one of Britain's finest poets, and sees Jacob Polley at the height of his powers. In one of the most original books of poetry to appear in the last decade, Jackself spins a kind of 'fictionalized autobiography' through nursery rhymes, riddles and cautionary tales, and through the many 'Jacks' of our folktale, legend, phrase and fable - everyman Jacks and no one Jacks, Jackdaw, Jack-O-Lantern, Jack Sprat, Cheapjack and Jack Frost. At once playful and terrifying, lyric and narratively compelling, Jackself is an unforgettable exploration of an innocence and childhood lost in the darker corners of Reiver country and of English folklore, and once more shows Polley as one of the most remarkable imaginations at work in poetry today. T. S. Eliot judging panel described Jackself as 'a firework of a book; inventive, exciting and outstanding in its imaginative range and depth of feeling'.

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Author: Jo Bell

Part of a series: A World Book Night Book 2018

Publisher: Nine Arches Press (2015)

Delighting in the belting, beautiful turn-of-phrase, Jo Bell's poems are lyrical and joyous, but always precise and clear as birdsong. They take us the long way home, plot histories along the route of backwaters, and are occasionally diverted for a roll in the hay; hearts are broken and boats are dry-docked.

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