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Men, Money And Chocolate

Author: Menna van Praag

Publisher: Hay House (2009)

A tale about pursuing love, success and pleasure, and how to be happy before you have it all...

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Author: Victoria Holt

Publisher: Fontana Books (1979)

For Harriet Delvaney, the great house of Menfreya, standing like a fortress on the Cornish coast, had always been a citadel of happiness and high spirits. Not until she herself came to Menfreya as a bride did Harriet discover the secret family legend of infidelity, jealousy and murder. And not until the legend seemed to come dangerously to life did Harriet begin to believe the old story that when the tower clock of Menfreya stopped, someone was about to die...

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Mersey Blues

Author: Lyn Andrews

Publisher: Headline Book Publishing Group (2009)

The Great War had ended and Scotland Road was left to count the cost. Many young men had not come back; those who had would never be the same again. Dee Chatterton and Abbie Kerrigan had seen the horrors of war for themselves as nurses in military hospitals abroad. While Abbie settled down in the familiar surroundings of Scotland Road, for others, different horizons beckoned. Dee went to live in Canada, while their friend Hannah Harvey became personal nurse to none other than Richard, seventh Earl of Ashenden, badly injured in the war. Moving to the splendours of Ashenden Hall was to bring her unimagined happiness, but also the heartache of being separated for ever from her family and friends.

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Mistress: Pregnant By The Spanish Billionaire

Author: Kim Lawrence

Publisher: Mills & Boon (2009)

`This is all too weird. I need time. I've changed my mind, I think...' `Not an option.' Without any warning at all he bent his head and pressed his mouth to hers. The hot, hungry kiss did not start slow and build. It was hard, demanding, and began at a mind-blowing level of intimacy that nothing could have prepared her for. As his mouth moved with innate sensuality across her own the heat flared inside her, and her senses were flooded with the texture and taste of him.

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Modern Lovers

Author: Emma Straub

Publisher: Michael Joseph (2016)

Friends and former college bandmates Elizabeth and Andrew and Zoe have watched one another marry, buy property, and start families, all while trying to hold on to the identities of their youth. But nothing ages them like having to suddenly pass the torch - of sexuality, independence, and the ineffable alchemy of cool - to their own teenage offspring. Back in the band's heyday, Elizabeth put on a snarl over her girl-next-door smile, rich-kid Andrew let his unwashed hair grow past his chin, and beautiful Zoe was the lesbian all the straight women wanted to sleep with. Now nearing fifty, they all live within shouting distance in the same Brooklyn neighbourhood and the trappings of the adult world seem to have arrived with ease. But the summer that their children reach maturity (and start sleeping together), the fabric of the adult lives suddenly begins to unravel, and the secrets and revelations that are finally let loose can never be reclaimed.

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Moon Tiger

Author: Penelope Lively

Publisher: Penguin (2006)

But she remains defiant to the last, telling her nurses that she will write a 'history of the world . . . and in the process, my own'. And it is her story from a childhood just after the First World War through the Second and beyond. But Claudia's life is entwined with others and she must allow those who knew her, loved her, the chance to speak, to put across their point of view. There is Gordon, brother and adversary; Jasper, her untrustworthy lover and father of Lisa, her cool conventional daughter; and then there is Tom, her one great love, found and lost in wartime Egypt.

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My Everything

Author: Katie Marsh

Part of a series: A World Book Night Book 2018

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (2015)

On the day Hannah is finally going to tell her husband she's leaving him, he has a stroke . . . and life changes in an instant. Tom's only 32. Now he can't walk or cut up his own food, let alone use his phone or take her in his arms. And Hannah's trapped. She knows she has to care for her husband, the very same man she was ready to walk away from. But with the time and fresh perspective he's been given, Tom re-evaluates his life, and becomes determined to save his marriage. Can he once again become the man his wife fell in love with, or has he left it too late?

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My Lady Of The Fuchsias

Author: Essie Summers

Publisher: Mills & Boon (1979)

Priscilla loved P.B. Lockhart. Since he was engaged to someone else , running away seemed a good idea. She didn't run far enough. She came to the aid of elderly Rosina Claremont who was preparing to care for three children, in spite of her nephew Barnabas. The formidable Barnabas was P.B. Lockhart!"

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Nettie's Secret

Author: Dilly Court

Publisher: Harper Collins (2019)

The new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author. Taking one last look around her attic room in Covent Garden Nettie knows there is no turning back, they must run for their lives… London, 1875. Thanks to her hapless father, Nettie Carroll has had to grow up quickly. While Nettie is sewing night and day to keep food on the table, her gullible father has trusted the wrong man again. Left with virtually nothing but the clothes they stand up in, he’s convinced that their only hope lies across the English Channel in France. Nettie has little but her dreams left to lose. Even far from home trouble follows them, with their enemies quietly drawing closer. But Nettie has a secret, and it’s one with the power to save them. Can she find the courage to trust in herself and pave the way for a brighter future?

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Never Greener

Author: Ruth Jones

Publisher: Black Swan (2019)

When Kate was twenty-two, she had an intense and passionate affair with a married man, Callum, which ended in heartbreak. Kate thought she’d never get over it. Seventeen years later, life has moved on – Kate, now a successful actress, is living in London, married to Matt and mother to little Tallulah. Meanwhile Callum and his wife Belinda are happy together, living in Edinburgh and watching their kids grow up. The past, it would seem, is well and truly behind them all. But then Kate meets Callum again. And they are faced with a choice: to walk away from each other . . . or to risk finding out what might have been.

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