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Pistols For Two

Author: Georgette Heyer

Publisher: Mandarin (1993)

Affairs of honour between bucks and blades, rakes and rascals; and affairs of the heart between heirs and orphans, beauties and bachelors; romance, intrigue, escapades and duels at dawn: all the gallantry, villainy and elegance of the age that Georgette Heyer has so triumphantly made her own are exquisitely revived in these eleven stories of the Regency.

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Powder And Patch

Author: Georgette Heyer

Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd (2005)

In an 18th-Century England of wit, womanising and powdered wigs, provincial Philip Jettan runs the risk of irreproachability. Cleone Charteris stands in no such danger. The golden-haired, headstrong despair of men, she seeks a husband who can duel and dice with the best of them. So Philip leaves for Paris, where his father's hopes and his lover's ideals are realised but with unforeseen consequences for them both.

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Powerful Greek: Unworldly Wife

Author: Sarah Morgan

Publisher: Mills & Boon (2009)

Millie watched him-this man she loved-wondering what was going through his mind. As if reading her thoughts, he turned. The ever-present chemistry flickered across the room, resurrecting a connection that had never died. `I don't want a divorce. I want a wife. I want you. Come back to me,' he said hoarsely, his eyes glittering dark in his handsome face. `Come back to me, and this time we'll get it right.' Millie felt her stomach drop. `You can't be serious-' Her barely audible whisper increased the tension in his powerful frame. `It's still there,' he growled. `What we shared. You can feel it. I can feel it. It hasn't gone away. I doubt it's ever going to go away.' 'Leandro-'

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Prisioner Of Passion

Author: Lynne Graham

Publisher: Mills & Boon (1996)

PRISONER OF PASSION BY LYNNE GRAHAM P for predator, P for passionate, P for prey: these words whirled round Bellas mind when she thought of Rico da Silva. The international financier was a master of opportunity hadnt he pounced on her when her defences were down? But their passionate, abandoned lovemaking had been purely a reaction to their extraordinary circumstances when Bella had been inadvertently caught up in Ricos kidnapping. She might have been forcibly imprisoned with him then but she was a free woman now free to meet Rico on her own terms.

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Put Out The Fires

Author: Maureen Lee

Publisher: Orion (2009)

September 1940 - the cruellest year of war for Britain's civilians as the Luftwaffe mercilessly blitz their cities. In Pearl Street, near Liverpool's docks, families struggle to cope the best they can. A nasty surprise for ever-cheerful dressmaker Brenda Mahon, and flighty Sean's love for little Alice, show how life goes on even when it appears to be falling apart. Yet while Eileen Costello tries to hide her ruined hopes of happiness with Nick, and do her best by the husband she hoped had gone for ever, Ruth Singerman returns, having escaped from Austria. Even the joy of seeing her father again cannot make up for the bitter loss of her children.

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Ragged Rose

Author: Dilly Court

Publisher: Harper (2016)

The heartwarming new novel from Dilly Court, the Sunday Times Top Ten bestselling author of The Beggar Maid. With the fate of her family in her hands, Rose has to make a terrible choice. Be thrown onto the streets without a penny to her name, or watch her loved ones fall into ruin . . . Rose is keeping a dreadful secret, and too scared to ask her strict father for help, it’s down to her to keep her brother from the hangman’s noose – whatever it takes. Her innocent sister Cora is on a different road to ruin, bewitched by a handsome cad whose intentions are anything but gallant. When Rose’s father discovers that his children have disgraced his name he turns them onto the street. Penniless, homeless and with the noose tightening, Rose must rescue her brother and keep her sister from the streets, even if it means putting herself in the most terrible danger . . .

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Reckless Desire

Author: Sheryl Flournoy

Publisher: Pinnacle Books (1985)

A MOTHER, A DAUGHTER AND A MAN THEY BOTH LOVED! There were two courageous women on a journey acrosss the American Wilderness. In Dodge City they encountered the sparak that started a passionate blaze. Tanner Royce… a hard, handsome, fearless cattle baron who cared deeply for a wman he could never love – and loved a woman he could never have. Melinda Michaels… the woman who wanted Tanner and would stop at nothing to get him. A woman whose beauty was rivaled by few and surpased only by her daughter’s. Kiera Michaels… sweet and naïve, waiting for the first embrace from the one man who could release the tigress within her. And when, at last, her innicent flesh received the heat of Tanner’s rising desire, her own passions rose. Kera would always be the object of Tanner’s deepest hungers, but she was a pawn in her mother’s calculating game…

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Red Sky In The Morning

Author: Margaret Dickinson

Publisher: Pan (2004)

A young girl stands alone in the cobbled market place of a small Lincolnshire town, bedraggled, soaked through and very afraid. Who is she? Where has she come from and from whom is she running away? No one knows or cares. Only kindly farmer, Eddie Appleyard, recognises something in the girl that touches his heart. In a drunken haze and scarcely realising what he is doing, Eddie takes her home even though his wife is a tyrant, who will believe the worst. 'Is this your fancy piece?' Bertha accuses and turns Anna out into the cold, wet night.

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Regency Buck

Author: Georgette Heyer

Publisher: Pan (1976)

It is in regrettable circumstances that beautiful Judith Taverner and her brother Peregrine first encounter Julian St. John Audley. The man, they both agree, is an insufferably arrogant dandy. But unfortunately for them, he is also the Fifth Earl of Worth, a friend of the Regent and, quite by chance, their legal guardian ... Delightfully witty and romantic, Regency Buck shows all the skills which made Georgette Heyer the most widely read and loved author of historical romances in the world, and which have made another generation fall in love with her all over again.

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Rendezvous With Revenge

Author: Miranda Lee

Publisher: Mills & Boon (1996)

`I've thought about your offer, Dr Grant, and I've decided I should be able to accommodate you.... She paused before adding, `For a price, that is.' His sharply indrawn breath rasped down the line, followed by a few seconds of taut silence. `I've already offered you two thousand dollars,' he resumed at last. `I would have thought that more than sufficed for the job.' `I'm sorry, but it doesn't.' `I see,' he grated out. `How much would be enough, then?T 'Three thousand.' `That's one thousand a day!' `That's my price, Dr Grant. Take it or leave it.' `Oh, I'll take it, Miss Richmond, but only on one condition: I don't have to change the room booking. Frankly, for reasons which I have no intention of explaining, I would prefer to pretend we were lovers.'

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