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A Mother's Courage

Author: Dilly Court

Publisher: Century (2007)

When Eloise Cribb receives the news that her husband's ship has been lost at sea she wonders how she is ever going to manage. With two young children, the rent overdue and almost nothing to live on, she has no alternative but to turn to his estranged family for help. She sets off on the long and arduous journey to Yorkshire, but is met with hostility and soon realises she has little choice but to return to London. Virtually destitute and desperate, Eloise is faced with her worst nightmare: she must either go to the workhouse, or abandon her children at the Foundling Hospital. But she is determined to keep them safe and under her protective wing at all costs...

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A Particular Place

Author: Mary Hocking

Publisher: Chatto & Windus (1989)

For Michael Hoath, newly arrived vicar of St Hilary's, life is becoming increasingly difficult. How is he to meet the demands not only of his flock, who stubbornly resist his attempted innovations, but also of his wife Valentine, who is showing unmistakable signs of dissatisfaction with their marriage? Matters are further complicated when Michael falls hopelessly and unexpectedly in love with a parishioner who is already married, and who is neither young nor notably attractive. It is, in Valentine's words, 'so unlikely a love'. The repercussions among family and friends of this late-flowering romance are recorded with an affectionate shrewdness and an unpredictable humour that make A Particular Place among the most remarkable, and profoundly moving, of Mary Hocking's novels.

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A Place To Call Home

Author: Carole Matthews

Publisher: Sphere (2014)

In the dead of night, Ayesha takes her daughter, Sabina, and slips quietly from her home, leaving behind a life full of pain. Boarding a coach to London, all Ayesha wants is a fresh start. Hayden, a former popstar, has kept himself hidden away for years. He's only opened up his home to two people - Crystal, a professional dancer with a heart of gold, and Joy, an ill-tempered retiree with a soft spot for waifs and strays. When Crystal asks Hayden if Ayesha and Sabina can stay with them, he reluctantly agrees and, as different as they may be, they quickly form an unlikely bond. So when enemies threaten their peaceful home, they will do all they can to save it and each other.

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A Rose Petal Summer

Author: Katie Fforde

Publisher: Century (2019)

Caro Swanson has taken a job in a remote part of Scotland. She’s answered an ad in The Lady: being a companion to an elderly gentleman who lives in a country estate could be perfect! Surely it's time to make a change and do something different for a while? The fact that she may also see Alec, the young man who she met some years previously and who she has always thought of as her ‘one who got away’, is of course purely incidental. Soon Caro is falling in love - not only with Alec but with the stunning country house she's now living in. But the estate is in financial difficulties, and Caro soon realises there's only one way to rescue it. So begins a magical romantic summer, one that will take Caro from Scotland to London and the south of France, in search of a classic lost perfume that might just restore all their fortunes.

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A Song For Issy Bradley

Author: Carys Bradley

Publisher: Windmill Books (2015)

Meet the Bradleys. In lots of ways, they’re a normal family: Zippy is sixteen and in love for the first time; Al is thirteen and dreams of playing for Liverpool. And in some ways, they’re a bit different: Seven-year-old Jacob believes in miracles. So does his dad. But these days their mum doesn’t believe in anything, not even getting out of bed. How does life go on, now that Issy is gone?

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A Spool Of Blue Thread

Author: Anne Tyler

Publisher: Vintage (2015)

‘It was a beautiful, breezy, yellow-and-green afternoon…’ This is the way Abby Whitshank always begins the story of how she and Red fell in love that summer’s day in 1959. The whole family on the porch, half-listening as their mother tells the same tale they have heard so many times before. From that porch we spool back through the generations, witnessing the events, secrets and unguarded moments that have come to define the family. From Red’s father and mother, newly arrived in Baltimore in the 1920s, to Abby and Red’s grandchildren carrying the family legacy boisterously into the twenty-first century – four generations of Whitshanks, their lives unfolding in and around the sprawling, lovingly worn Baltimore house that has always been their home…

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A Summer At Sea

Author: Katie Fforde

Publisher: Arrow (2017)

Romance, humour and happy-ever-after endings. The deliciously romantic novel from the No. 1 Sunday Times bestselling author of A Vintage Wedding. Emily is happy with her life just as it is. She has a career as a midwife that she loves. She enjoys living on her own as a single woman. But she’s also feels it’s time for a change and a spot of some sea air. So when her best friend Rebecca asks whether she’d like to spend the summer cooking on a ‘puffer’ boat just off the Scottish coast, she jumps at the chance. But she barely has time to get to grips with the galley before she finds herself with a lot on her plate. Rebecca is heavily pregnant and is thrilled to have her friend on board doing most of the work. Then there’s Emily’s competitive and jealous kitchen assistant who thinks she should be head-cook, not Emily. And there’s Alasdair, the handsome local doctor who Emily is desperately trying not to notice. Because if she falls in love with him, as he appears to be falling for her, will she ever want her old life back again?

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A Summer Promise

Author: Katie Flynn

Publisher: Arrow (2015)

1938: Maddy Hebditch has been living in poverty with her cantankerous grandmother since she was orphaned when she was just five, and it’s a constant struggle to stay out of the workhouse. However, though life is hard, Maddy has her friends Alice, Marigold and Tom to help her. Together the four spend their summers exploring the Dales and making plans for the future. Until war breaks out and everything changes. As the four go their separate ways, Maddy joins the ATS, where she is recruited for one of the most dangerous jobs a woman could do in wartime: the Ack Ack sites. All four face dangers as the war worsens, but when Tom is terribly injured, Maddy’s world falls apart

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Affairs Of The Heart

Author: Nora Powers

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (1980)

FOR $20,000 JESS WOULD DO ANYTHING! And when Derek Thorpe offered that sum to Jess Stanton to photograph his jungle expedition, she jumped at the chance. However, when Thorpe learned the "Jess" stood for Jessica, he wasn't pleased with the idea of being burdened with a squeamish female. But Jess was not to be denied. She had photographed bobcats, bear, rattlers and other wildlife in their natural habitats. And for $20,000 she would handle anything--even Derek Thorpe!

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After The Ball

Author: Catherine George

Publisher: Mills & Boon (1993)

A shiver ran through her. She remembered the outrage masking the bitter hurt on his face when she’d smiled in fake triumph to hide the tumult shaking her to pieces deep inside. ‘Time we got back to the others, I think,’ she said sweetly, and Giles had lain like a statue, his eyes burning with a look she’d never been able to forget. ‘Just be glad it was me,’ he’d said very softly, in a tone which had turned her blood to ice. ‘I you’re wise you’ll never try a trick like that again. Another man might not be so forbearing—you hellish little teaser.’

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