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Secrets Of The Lighthouse

Author: Santa Montefiore

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (2014)

Ellen Trawton is running away from it all - quite literally. She is due to get married to a man she doesn't love, her job is dragging her down and her interfering mother is getting on her nerves. So she escapes to the one place she know her mother won't follow her - to her aunt's house in rural Ireland. Once there, she uncovers a dark family secret - and a future she never knew she might have. Meanwhile, Caitlin Macausland is mourning the future she can never have. She died tragically in what the village thinks is suspicious circumstances, and now she is stuck in a limbo, unable to move on. And between the two of them is an old lighthouse - the scene of so much tragedy. Can each woman find the peace she so desperately longs for? And can they find the way to live again?

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Serious Sweet

Author: A L Kennedy

Publisher: Jonathan Cape (2016)

A good man in a bad world, Jon Sigurdsson is 59 and divorced: a senior civil servant in Westminster who hates many of his colleagues and loathes his work for a government engaged in unmentionable acts. A man of conscience. Meg Williams is ‘a bankrupt accountant – two words you don’t want in the same sentence, or anywhere near your CV’. She’s 45 and shakily sober, living on Telegraph Hill, where she can see London unfurl below her. Somewhere out there is safety. Somewhere out there is Jon, pinballing around the city with a mobile phone and a letter-writing habit he can’t break. He’s a man on the brink, leaking government secrets and affection as he runs for his life.

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Shadows On The Nile

Author: Kate Furnival

Publisher: Sphere (2013)

It's 1932 and 27-year-old Jessica is living London life to the full when her younger brother Tim, an ancient Egyptian archaeology expert, goes missing. Teaming up with Sir Montague Chamford - who can resist neither a damsel in distress nor the chance of adventure - Jessie vows to find her beloved brother. Following the clues Tim has left in his wake, Jessie and Monty head to Egypt. In the relentless heat of the desert, romance is kindled between them, but danger also lurks in every shadow. And then Jessie starts to wonder how much Monty really knows about her brother's disappearance . . .

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Shared Winds

Author: Kenna White

Publisher: Bella Books (2004)

When an Oklahoma tornado rips through Lan Harding's life, destroying her beloved marina, Shared Winds, Lan must somehow find a way to rebuild her business and her world. Emma Bishop, daughter of the most renowned contractor in the county, steps in to offer her services. The offer seems like an answer to Lan's prayers until she learns of Emma's inexperience and ulterior motives

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Show Boat

Author: Edna Ferber

Publisher: Sphere Books Ltd (1972)

Along the great river of the Mississippi basin steamed the glittering, golden showboats, magnificent pleasure palaces that brought the glamour and romance of the luxurious East to the tough river towns of America’s pioneering frontier. Edna Ferber’s panoramic novel of passion and romance on the great river captures all the mystery and magic of the floating world of the Show Boat.

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Sierra City

Author: Gerri Hill

Publisher: Bella Books (2004)

Chris McKenna takes a job at the new Search and Rescue in tiny Sierra City, nestled just west of Lake Tahoe. A loner by nature, she doesn't mind the seclusion of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Jessie Stone, a successful but reclusive writer, haunted by memories of her childhood, finally returns to Sierra City after sixteen years of estrangement from her mother. Lies, deception and romance in a small mountain town.

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Simply Irresistible

Author: Rachel Gibson

Publisher: Little Black Dress (2007)

Georganne Howard knows she's irresistible to anyone...and everyone. But when she runs away from her rich, elderly fiancé, she chooses as her rescuer the one man who's impervious to her charms . John Kowalsky may find Georganne attractive, but a ditzy charm-school graduate isn't what he needs. After one night, John packs her off with a one-way ticket out of town, never expecting to see her again. Until, that is, she reappears ten years later. But this time Georganne seems to be playing hard to get. Maybe that's because of the secret she's trying to keep, one that stems straight from that fateful night...

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Sing For Your Supper

Author: Rosie Harris

Publisher: Arrow (2007)

Karen and Tudor Morgan have moved from a small mining community to the bustle and noise of Cardiff in search of a new life. Tudor longs to be a star entertainer and so Karen gets a job, leaving her husband to look after their young daughter Delia, doing stints at clubs in the evening, whenever he can get them. Until one day Tudor is arrested for begging and Karen is horrified to learn that he has been busking during the day and taking three-year-old Delia with him to collect the money. When Tudor comes out of prison he gets an honest job but soon he is back to his old ways. And when his life of petty crime quickly turns into something far more sinister, it is all Karen can do to ensure she and her daughter survive ...

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Small World

Author: David Lodge

Publisher: Vintage (2011)

Philip Swallow, Morris Zapp, Persse McGarrigle and the lovely Angelica are the jet-propelled academics who are on the move, in the air and on the make in David Lodge's satirical Small World.

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Some Sunny Day

Authors: Madge Lambert, Robert Blair

Publisher: Pan Macmillan (2018)

It was July 1944 when Madge stepped onto a troopship that was to carry her thousands of miles from home. Only twenty years old and not long qualified as a nurse, she had signed up to serve in the Burma Campaign. She would be based on the Indian border, near the frontline, where a fierce battle was raging between Allied forces and the Japanese. As Madge arrived in Chittagong, she wondered how she would adapt to the ever-present danger of invasion and to life in a military hospital. She spent long, exhausting hours nursing the badly injured young soldiers in her care, but found strength in her friendship with the other nurses. And then, one day, she met Captain Basil Lambert . . . Could their fragile, new-found romance survive the terrifying final months of war?

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