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Sweet Hearts: Forget Me Not

Author: Jo Cotterill

Part of a series: Sweet Hearts

Publisher: Red Fox (2011)

Since her mother, a famous florist, died three years ago, Kate's whole life has changed completely. She's pushed her friends away, shrunk into herself and is only finding some solace spending time in the garden amongst the flowers her mum loved so much. Desperate to try and become more like the 'normal' girl she once was, Kate gets a summer job at a garden centre. Doing something she's good at means that flashes of the old sparky girl begin to emerge again - helped a lot by her very attractive and mysterious co-worker, Simon . . .

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Author: Georgette Heyer

Publisher: Pan (1957)

Endowed with rank, wealth and elegance, Sylvester, Duke of Salford, posts into Wiltshire to discover if the Honorable Phoebe Marlow will meet his exacting requirements for a bride. If he does not expect to meet a tongue-tied stripling wanting both manners and conduct, then he is intrigued indeed when his visit causes Phoebe to flee her home. They meet again on the road to London, where her carriage has come to grief in the snow. Yet Phoebe, already caught in one imbroglio, now knows she soon could be well deep in another ... A typically wonderful historical novel, Sylvester shows once more why Georgette Heyer is the undisputed queen of the genre she created - the Regency romance.

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Tangled Souls

Author: Jana Oliver

Publisher: Nevermore Books (2013)

Wiccan Gavenia Kingsgrave’s psychic gift, the ability to talk to the dead, comes with strings attached. As a Shepherd, she escorts them into the hereafter, but not all the souls want to cross over, and some can be downright vicious. When her latest case involves a heart-breaking hit-and-run victim, Gavenia is stressed to the max. The last thing she needs is a no-nonsense private detective on her tail, even if he is a handsome Irishman. Former homicide detective Douglas O’Fallon possesses his own psychic gift, one he’s denied for years. Hired by a wealthy client to prove that Gavenia’s a con artist, he is skeptical of the witch’s claims she can speak to the dead. If he finds her gift as genuine, then he will be forced to accept his own. When their two cases intersect, opposites attract. But will they be able to set their differences aside long enough to outwit their foes – both the living and the dead?

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Tell It To The Skies

Author: Erica James

Publisher: Orion Publishing Group (2010)

Suddenly in the middle of a crowded Venice street, Lydia glimpses a face that takes her back to England, back to her childhood and to a dreadful secret she believed she had banished to the past........

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Tempting Fate

Author: Jane Green

Publisher: Penguin Group (2013)

When Gabby first met Elliott, she knew he was the man for her. In twenty years of marriage she has never doubted her love for him - even when he refused to give her the one thing she still wants most of all. But now their two daughters are growing up, Gabby feels that time and her youth are slipping away. For the first time in her life she is restless. And then she meets Matt... Intoxicated by the way this young, handsome and successful man makes her feel, Gabby is momentarily blind to what she stands to lose on this dangerous path. And in one reckless moment she destroys all that she holds dear. Consumed by regret, Gabby does everything she can to repair the home that she has broken. But are some betrayals too great to forgive?

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Author: Belinda McKeon

Publisher: Picador (2015)

Catherine and James are as close as two friends could ever be. They meet in Dublin in the late 1990s, she a college student, he a fledgling artist - both recent arrivals from rural communities, coming of age in a city which is teeming - or so they are told - with new freedoms, new possibilities.

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That Liverpool Girl

Author: Ruth Hamilton

Publisher: Pan Books (2011)

Three generations of strong, determined women and the war that threatened to tear them apart. In the backstreets of Liverpool, Eileen Watson lives with her mother Nellie, daughter Mel and her three tearaway sons. Life isn’t great, but they have each other, and family can get you through anything. Or can they?

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The A To Z Of You And Me

Author: James Hannah

Publisher: Black Swan (2015)

Ivo has all kinds of everyday joy in his life – he’s young, he's in love, he has friends who promise to stand by him if life ever goes wrong.Then one day, life does go wrong. He makes a mistake, and it’s big and unforgiveable. Now time is running out and his life is falling apart. But he’s going to put it together again. His own way.

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The Accidental Husband

Author: Jane Green

Publisher: Penguin Books (2013)

Jane Green's The Accidental Husband is a powerful story about two women connected by an earth-shattering secret. Maggie and Sylvie are perfect strangers: two very different women, living very different lives on opposite coasts. But they share more in common than they could ever imagine. Both women have beautiful children on the verge of flying the nest, the home they worked hard to build and always longed for, and a handsome and devoted husband they can't believe belongs to them. Both women think their lives are seamlessly secure, but they couldn't be more wrong . . . For each is about to discover a secret that will shake their world to the very core, throwing into doubt everything they ever thought they knew, and bringing Maggie and Sylvie together in the most unexpected way.

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The Apprentice

Author: Sarah Shears

Publisher: Ulverscroft (1984)

Only with Hilda, the young apprentice, could Bob have found a kindred spirit at this crucial period, but Hilda was not yet aware of his urgent need to communicate with a bright, articulate girl, with a serious outlook on life. She was not yet ready for a sweetheart, and too attracted to the older men to find companionship in a shy youth of seventeen.

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