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The Prince And Betty

Author: P G Wodehouse


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The Queens Choice

Author: Anne O'Brien

Publisher: Mira (2016)

France, 1399: The Duke of Brittany is dead and his widow, Joanna of Navarre, has inherited control of their land – a testament to her intellect, integrity and political prowess. Then comes an unprecedented proposal from Henry IV, King of England. The price of becoming his Queen? Abandoning her homeland, leaving her children and sacrificing her independence.

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The Quiet Gentleman

Author: Georgette Heyer

Publisher: Heinemann (1951)

When Gervase Frant, Seventh Earl of St Erth, returns at last from Waterloo to his family seat at Stanyon, he enjoys a less than welcome homecoming. Only Theo, a cousin even quieter than himself, is there to greet him - and when he meets his stepmother and young half-brother he detects open disappointment that he survived the wars. But the dangers of the Lincolnshire countryside are quite different to those of the battlefield. Georgette Heyer was the most successful and best-loved novelist of her day, and The Quite Gentleman displays all the skills which won the hearts of her large and enduring audience.

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The Rainbow And The Rose

Author: Nevil Shute

Publisher: Pan (1973)

When Johnny Pascoe attempts to rescue a sick girl from the Tasmanian outback his plane crashes leaving him dangerously injured. Ronnie Clarke, who was trained by Pascoe, endeavours to fly a doctor in to help but this proves more difficult than he imagined. As he waits overnight at Pascoe's house in order to try again the next day Clarke revisits the past of this unusual man - and reveals the shocking and tragic secrets that have influenced his life.

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The Reluctant Widow

Author: Georgette Heyer

Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd (2004)

Stepping into the wrong carriage at a Sussex village, Elinor Rochdale is swept up in a thrilling and dangerous adventure. Overnight, the would-be governess becomes mistress of a ruined estate and partner in a secret conspiracy to save a family's name. By midnight, she is a bride, by dawn a widow.

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The Ribbon Weaver

Author: Rosie Goodwin

Publisher: Headline (2011)

A baby rescued from the snow. A wealthy family's tragic secret. A girl determined to make her mark. One winter's night, Molly Earnshaw rescues a newborn baby from the snow and changes two families for ever. The tiny girl grows into a beautiful and gifted young woman. Although devoted to Molly, Amy has far-reaching ambitions - encouraged by her neighbour's son, Toby, she longs to move beyond ribbon-weaving to designing the hats and clothes the ribbons adorn. Her talent is recognised by Samuel Forrester, the influential owner of famous hat factories and shops. But Samuel is a haunted man with secrets in his past that torture him and his family. His son's wife, Eugenie, is deeply troubled, and when Amy's flair leads her to London and then Paris, Eugenie is consumed with jealousy. Amy's dreams seem to be coming true, but as more secrets are revealed and Amy is caught between two worlds, she must choose where her heart truly belongs.

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The Saturday Supper Club

Author: Amy Bratley

Publisher: Pan Books (2012)

Wanted: four amateur cooks to compete in a supper club contest Rules: four strangers, four weeks, four houses, four dinner parties You might win: a cash prize You might lose: your heart Eve had her world torn apart three years ago, when the love of her life Ethan disappeared, and she never found out why. But now, her life is rosy. With a lovely new boyfriend, Joe, and a café opening on the cards, things finally seem to be falling into place. … until she agrees to take part in a supper club competition for a local newspaper. Eve is cooking the first dinner and who should turn up on her doorstep expecting a three-course meal, but her long lost love Ethan?

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The Second Love Of My Life

Author: Victoria Walters

Publisher: Headline Review (2016)

In the Cornish town of Talting, everyone is famous for something. Until recently Rose was known for many things: her infectious positivity: her unique artistic talent: and, of course, her devotion to childhood sweetheart Lucas. But two years ago that changed in one unthinkable moment. Now, Rose is known for being the young woman who became a widow aged just twenty-four. Rose knows that life must go on. But the thought of carving out a new future for herself is one she can barely entertain. Until a newcomer, Robert, arrives in Talting for the summer … Can Rose allow herself the chance to love again? Discover a world that will capture your imagination and heart in this powerful tale of love, grief and survival.

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The Secret Life Of Lady Gabriella

Author: Liz Fielding

Publisher: Mills & Boon (2007)

Pure romance, pure emotion from Mills and Boon... Lady Gabriella March writes the domestic goddess column for Milady magazine. But that's not her real name and she is only housesitting the beautiful mansion which is inspiring her writing. Then the owner, gorgeous Dr Ben Faulkner, turns up unexpectedly. Soon, it is Ellie's heart and not just her secret, which is exposed.

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The September Girls

Author: Maureen Lee

Publisher: Orion (2009)

In Liverpool, on a stormy September night in 1920, two women from very different backgrounds give birth to daughters in the same house. Enemies at first, they later become friends when separate troubles unite them. But friendship between their daughters, Cara and Sybil, is a different matter. Nineteen years later, at the beginning of the Second World War, Cara and Sybil find themselves thrown together when they enlist and are both stationed in Malta. It is a time of live-changing repercussions for them both while, back home in Liverpool, the bombs rain down on a defiant city.

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