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Crazy Rich Asians

Author: Kevin Kwan

Part of a series: Crazy Rich Asians

Publisher: Corvus (2018)

When New Yorker Rachel Chu agrees to spend the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, she envisions a humble family home and quality time with the man she hopes to marry. But Nick has failed to give his girlfriend a couple of key details. One, that his childhood home looks like a palace and two, that he just happens to be the country's most eligible bachelor. Soon, Rachel's relaxed vacation turns into an obstacle course of old money, new money, nosy relatives, and scheming social climbers . . .

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Dating Game

Author: Danielle Steel

Publisher: Corgi (2001)

Paris Armstrong never saw it coming. With two grown children and a lovely home in Connecticut, Paris was happy with her marriage, her family, her life. So when her husband of twenty-four years said they needed to talk, Paris couldn't imagine what he was about to say. "I want a divorce," Peter tells her. Just like that, the husband she adored had dumped her for a younger woman. And just like that, Peter and his thirty-one-year-old lover had made their plans for their future, leaving Paris to pick up the pieces of a shattered life. Within days, Peter was gone. And Paris was left to figure out how she intended to get through the next day, let alone the rest of her life. The task could not have been more painful. First came the tears. Then the excruciating attempts by well-meaning friends to "fix her up" with men who paled in comparison to Peter. Worse yet, she still loved him. Finally, Paris realized she was in a fight for her very survival. Drastic measures were called for. Even her shrink agreed. It was time to move - as far away as possible, just after Peter remarried. Paris had never felt, or been, more alone. Saying goodbye to the world she knew and loved, Paris heads west, to San Francisco, and discovers being single in a world full of men who were too young, too old, too married, or too good to be true. For Paris, the list seemed endless . . . the charming commitment-phobe . . . the drunken Neanderthal . . . the young Frenchman - so adorably sexy she almost forgot about his age, and did, for a while. With her dating track record veering between disappointing and disastrous, and her daughter now engaged to a man Paris's age, Paris finally comes to the conclusion that romance is not in her future. That's when her small circle of offbeat, loving friends becomes more important than ever before. And a decision Paris makes only for herself changes her life once more. The secret, she discovers finally, is in finding the gifts in life's unexpected twists and turns, and turning despair into freedom and loss into joy.

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Day Of Possession

Author: Lilian Peake

Publisher: Mills & Boon (1978)

The last thing Lisa Maynard wanted on her holiday in the exotic Canary Islands was the company of a handsome stranger, so she kept her distance. Her cool demeanor hid her bitter disappointment in love from even her closest friends. But some magnetic power of Alexander Cameron's unmasked the vulnerable woman Lisa really was. Yet it was only when Zander turned to walk away that she realized how deeply she cared... and that she knew the secrets of his heart as surely as he knew

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Dead To Me

Author: Lesley Pearse

Publisher: Penguin Random House (2016)

Two girls, two different lives, one terrible betrayal. Spring 1935. Two girls meet by chance on Hampstead Heath. To an outsider, they could not appear more different. Verity is well-mannered and smartly dressed, living with her parents in a beautiful house close to the heath. Ruby is dishevelled and grubby, used to a life of squalor where she is forced to steal to survive. However, there’s an instant affinity between them, and when their fortunes are shockingly reversed, it is the strength of their friendship that keeps them resilient to the challenges and hardships they face. As Britain prepares for war, Ruby finds herself in Devon with the world at her feet and enjoying her first taste of romance. Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, Verity is forced to leave behind everything she has ever known, yet a shadow from the past threatens her chances of a new beginning. Still, through it all, the girls are always there for each other. Until the day Verity does the one thing that will break Ruby’s heart. In a country torn apart by fighting, will Verity and Ruby survive long enough to find a way back to each other? Or do some betrayals go with you to the grave... ?

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Dear Mrs Bird

Author: A J Pearce

Publisher: Picador (2018)

LONDON, 1941. Emmeline Lake and her best friend Bunty are trying to stay cheerful despite the Luftwaffe making life thoroughly annoying for everyone. Emmy dreams of becoming a Lady War Correspondent and when she spots a job advertisement in the newspaper she seizes her chance – but after a rather unfortunate misunderstanding, she finds herself typing letters for the formidable Henrietta Bird, the renowned agony aunt of Woman’s Friend magazine. Mrs Bird is very clear: letters containing any form of Unpleasantness must go straight into the bin. But as Emmy reads the desperate pleas from women who may have Gone Too Far with the wrong man, or can’t bear to let their children be evacuated, she decides the only thing for it is to secretly write back . . . Irresistibly funny and enormously moving, Dear Mrs Bird is a love letter to the enduring power of friendship, the kindness of strangers and the courage of ordinary people in extraordinary times.

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Defending The Guilty

Author: Alex McBride

Publisher: Penguin (2011)

Shortlisted for the Crime Writers Award Gold Dagger for Non-Fiction, true crime meets humour in Defending the Guilty by Alex McBride, a hilariously funny and eye-opening Kitchen Confidential of the criminal justice system.Every day, criminal barrister Alex McBride stands up in court and attempts to save people from conviction, prison, even a lifetime behind bars. Sometimes it's a hopeless case. Sometimes he has the chance to right a wrong. But mostly his clients

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Devil's Cub

Author: Georgette Heyer

Publisher: Mandarin (1995)

The excesses of the young Marquis of Vidal are even wilder than his father's before him. Not for nothing is the reckless duellist and gamester called 'the Devil's Cub'. But when he is forced to leave the country, Mary Challoner discovers his fiendish plan to abduct her sister. And only by daring to impersonate her can Mary save her sibling from certain ruin.

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Diamonds Can Be Deadly

Author: Merline Lovelace

Publisher: Mills & Boon (2007)

If diamonds are a girls best friend. Then emeralds came in a close second. Agent Jordan Colby, code name: Diamond, jumped at the chance to find a missing green gem in Kauai. There was just one hitch: the presence of TJ Scott, a former New York cop whod turned his back on her once before. Or had he? TJs sizzling stares were starting to convince her that his feelings for her had never died, whilst his protectiveness indicated he was one of the good guys. But if there was one thing she was beginning to learn, it was that dazzling surfaces were not always a reflection of what lay beneath.

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Don't Forget About Me

Author: Mhairi McFarlane

Publisher: Harper Collins (2014)

It began with four words. ‘I love your laugh. x’ But that was twelve years ago. It really began the day Georgina was fired from The Worst Restaurant in Sheffield (© Tripadvisor) and found The Worst Boyfriend in the World (© Georgina’s best friends) in bed with someone else.

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Author: Suzanne Goodwin

Publisher: Severn House (1980)

At twenty-eight, Emerald Stretton was fast becoming an embarrassment to her wealthy Aunt Fabia and her father, Lord Linslade. Plain in appearance, with a total lack of interest in the gaieties of society, she resisted all attempts to marry her of with characteristic determination and obstinacy. Suitors were rejected in favour of her passionate interest in botany and solitary days spent painting wild flowers. When her father marries the coquettish empty-headed Violet, several years her junior, Emerald feals trapped.. Her Aunts suggestion of a trip to India to visit family friends in Calcutta is eagerly accepted. India, with its exotic landscape, strange peoples and harsh climate, is the backdrop for the most tempestuous period of Emeralds life. Her interest in botany leads to a meeting with Tom Hawksmoor, leader of a botanical expedition in the Himalayas. Totally against the wishes of her hosts, she agrees to join them. Such a degree of freedom is unheard of in the 1840s, especially for a lady of her background and breeding. Moreover, Emerald becomes increasingly attached to Hawksmoor, and before long she discovers that he has an infamous past. Not only her reputation, but her life itself is at stake as events take an unexpected twist, leading her to cope with hitherto undreamt of dangers.

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