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A Hard Day's Shopping

Author: Barbara Mitchelhill


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A Heart For Ruby

Author: Franzeska G Ewart

Publisher: Walker Books (2009)

Ruby wishes she could dance gracefully, like Auntie Pooja, but she always lands with a thud! As the Valentine’s Day show approaches, Ruby has lots of practising to do – but will it be enough?

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A HONG KONG ABC Featuring Christopher And The Cat

Author: Jacqui Taylor

Publisher: PRINTLINE (1997)

This book was designed for anyone between four and one hundred and four. For the very young, to enjoy the ‘sound’ of the words read by an adult. For older children, to encourage the use of the glossary, (and their won dictionaries), to increase and improve their vocabularies. Lastly, for adults and children alike, the enjoyment of bright detailed illustrations, giving a little insight into Hong Kong life. Christopher, the cat and I, all hope that you will enjoy this book.

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A Hot Surprise

Author: Susan Akass

Part of a series: Rigby Star Orange Level

Publisher: Pearson Education (2000)

Tom the cat keeps stealing Mrs Clark's dinner, so she thinks of a clever way to make him stop!

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A Hug Is Warm

Author: Joy Cowley

Publisher: Wright Group (1996)

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A Jar Of Green Crystals

Author: Philip Ennis

Part of a series: New Reading 360 Level 8 Set 1

Publisher: Ginn (1994)

New Reading 360 Level 8 Set 1

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A Letter To New Zealand

Author: Alison Hawes

Part of a series: Collins Big Cat Series Orange Band 6

Publisher: Collins (2005)

Jack posts a letter to New Zealand. Find out how it gets there.

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A Library Of Lemons

Author: Jo Cotterill

Publisher: Piccadilly Press (2016)

Calypso usually keeps her head buried in a book – but when a new girl joins her class who also loves reading and writing stories, it sparks a close and special friendship. Mae’s home is busy, lively and noisy, just like her – and Calypso loves spending time there. Since her mother died Calypso’s dad has grown distant, and keeps to himself. But when she uncovers the sad secret hidden in her father’s library, she realises that something is very wrong. Can Calypso rewrite her broken family and find their happy ending?

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A Long Walk To Water

Author: Linda Sue Park

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2010)

Nya goes to the pond to collect water for her family. She walks eight hours every day. Salva walks away from his war-torn village. He is a “lost boy” refugee, destined to cover Africa on foot, searching for his family and safety. Two young people … two stories. One country: Sudan. This mesmerizing dual narrative follows two threads–one unfolding in 2008 and one in 1985 with one hopeful message: that even in a troubled country, determined survivors may find the future they are hoping for.

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A Magician's House

Author: Joy Cowley

Part of a series: Sunshine Books Level 3

Publisher: Wright Group (1993)

A funny story about the consequences of renting a house from a magician! The Sunshine Books program will lead students through the literacy learning process from phonics to chapter books, building confidence and important language access tools along the way. Sunshine offers both shared and guided reading experiences using a variety of genres.

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