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A Quick Way Home

Authors: Keith Gaines, Tessa Krailing

Part of a series: Wellington Square


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A Sea Mystery

Author: Roderick Hunt

Part of a series: Oxford Reading Tree Stage 7: More Stories B

Publisher: Oxford University Press (2011)

Biff, Chip and Kipper go on an adventure to sea. Part of the Oxford Reading Tree series, which provides a rich story context to help develop language comprehension and decoding skills. They involve familiar situations and a variety of fantasy settings through the magic key adventures. Longer stories help to build reading stamina, which is important for later reading success.

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A Slightly Jones Mystery: The Case Of The Glasgow Ghoul

Author: Joan Lennon

Part of a series: Slightly Jones Mysteries

Publisher: Catnip Publishing Ltd (2011)

There’s been a series of mysterious thefts from the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow . . . Despite maximum security measures, the thief is yet to be caught and the stolen objects appear to vanish into thin air, never to be seen again. But Slightly Jones, detective-in-training, isn’t daunted by the lack of clues. She’s more concerned about the stories of ghosts in a nearby graveyard. Could the two be connected? SECOND IN AN INTRIGUING NEW SERIES.

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A Special Book For Jill

Author: Peter Wright

Part of a series: Reading 360 Little Books Level 4 Book 11

Publisher: Ginn

Reading 360 Little Books Level 4 Book 11

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A Squash And A Squeeze

Author: Julia Donaldson

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books (2003)

"Wise old man, won't you help me, please? My house is a squash and a squeeze." ''a bit of a classic... A goat on the bed and a cow on the table tapping out a jig? My readers collapsed in heaps, and then had to have it read again. And again.'' Vivian French in the Guardian

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A Storm Of Strawberries

Author: Jo Cotterill

Publisher: Piccadilly Press (2017)

I’m Darby and I’m twelve years old. Here's what you should know about me. I like: music, the strawberry farm where I live, chocolate and my big sister Kaydee. I don’t like: people shouting, nightmares and Lissa, Kaydee’s best friend. She thinks I’m weird because I have Down’s syndrome. And she’s coming to stay for the whole weekend...

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A Tropical Journey

Author: Paul Aston

Part of a series: All Aboard Series Stage 8

Publisher: Ginn & Company (1998)

"All Aboard" teaches the strategies children need to become successful readers. It offers carefully-structured materials to develop sight vocabulary, phonological awareness and information retrieval through three specially-designed strands for Infants. It then develops the higher order reading and writing skills necessary for genuine literacy at Junior level. "All Aboard" also provides a full range of genres and types of writing, required by the NLS framework, to which children can apply their various skills. It offers a wide variety of structured texts including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, traditional tales and short stories.

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A View From The Bridge - Student Editions

Author: Arthur Miller

Publisher: Methuen Drama (2010)

This Student Edition of A View from the Bridge is perfect for students of literature and drama and offers an unrivalled guide to Miller's play. It features an extensive introduction by Steve Marino which includes: a chronology of Miller's life and times; a summary of the plot and commentary on the characters, themes, language, context and production history of the play. Together with over twenty questions for further study and detailed notes on words and phrases from the text, this is the definitive edition of the play. Set among Italian-Americans on the Brooklyn waterfront, A View from the Bridge is the story of longshoreman Eddie Carbone. When his wife's cousins arrive as illegal immigrants from Italy, he is honoured to take them into his house. But when his niece begins to fall in love with one of them Eddie grows increasingly suspicious, eventually precipitating his violation of the moral and cultural codes of his community and leading to the play's tragic finale. With its examination of the themes of sexuality, responsibility, betrayal and vengeance, the play is vintage Miller and a modern classic.

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A Visit To The Farm

Author: Michael Morpurgo

Part of a series: Collins Big Cat Series Turquoise Level

Publisher: Collins Educational (2005)

The renowned children's writer Michael Morpurgo has written this vivid account of a child's stay at a farm, told in the form of letters home and illustrated with photographs of animals and children on location at the farm. Humorous and engaging, it conveys the fun and excitement of working closely with animals.

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A Windy Day

Author: Elspeth Graham

Part of a series: Oxford Literacy Web Stage 1

Publisher: Oxford University Press (2000)

The children have found something interesting! Part of the Oxford Literacy Web series.

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