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Author: David Baddiel

Publisher: Harper Collins Children's Books (2016)

MALCOLM DOESN’T LIKE ANIMALS Which is a problem because his family love them. Their house is full of pets. What the house is NOT full of is stuff Malcolm likes. Such as the laptop he wanted for his birthday. The only bright spot on the horizon is the Year Six school trip, which Malcolm never thought his parents would pay for. And yet there he is, on the bus, heading to… … oh no. A farm. Over the next days, Malcolm changes. He learns a lot about animals. More, in many ways, than he would like. He learns what it’s really like to be an animal. A whole series of animals, in fact... It does make him think differently. And speak differently. And eat differently. And, um, smell differently. But will he end up the same as before? BECAUSE SOMETIMES THE HARDEST THING TO BECOME IS… YOURSELF

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Astrid The Unstoppable

Authors: Maria Parr, Guy Puzey, Katie Harnett

Publisher: Walker Books (2017)

Astrid Glimmerdal loves to spend her days racing down the mountainside on her sledge and skis – the faster the better! She just wishes there were other children to share in her adventures. Instead, she has to put up with a grumpy 74 year old for a best friend (although secretly, she knows she wouldn't have it any other way).

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Attack Of The Woolly Jumper

Author: Mark Lowery

Part of a series: Roman Garstang Disasters

Publisher: Piccadilly Press (2017)

Roman's class is fundraising for a new charity, Badges for Badgers. The three children who collect the most money will get to meet Princess Lucy on her royal visit. Roman has teamed up with Vanya and Gamble, who are desperate to win the prize. And they're not the only ones. Grandma is the princess's no. 1 fan and has knitted Roman a 'special' jumper to celebrate the occasion. When fashion-mad Rosie Taylor sponsors him to wear the crumper all week, how will he keep his life from unravelling?

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Awful Auntie

Author: David Walliams

Publisher: Harper Collins Children's Books (2014)

A page-turning, rollicking romp of a read, sparkling with Walliams' most eccentric characters yet and full of humour and heart. From larger than life, tiddlywinks obsessed Awful Aunt Alberta to her pet owl, Wagner – this is an adventure with a difference. Aunt Alberta is on a mission to cheat the young Lady Stella Saxby out of her inheritance – Saxby Hall. But with mischievous and irrepressible Soot, the cockney ghost of a chimney sweep, alongside her Stella is determined to fight back… And sometimes a special friend, however different, is all you need to win through.

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Bad Dad

Authors: Tony Ross, David Walliams

Publisher: Harper Collins Children's Books (2017)

Dads come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are fat ones and thin ones, tall ones and short ones. There are young ones and old ones, clever ones and stupid ones. There are silly ones and serious ones, loud ones and quiet ones. Of course, there are good dads, and bad dads . . . A high-speed cops and robbers adventure with heart and soul about a father and son taking on the villainous Mr Big – and winning!

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Beatrice And Vanessa

Author: John Yeoman

Publisher: Andersen Press (2011)

Beatrice, the ewe, and Vanessa, the nanny-goat, have spent their whole lives chomping and nattering in the same field. One dull day they decide to go on holiday, only taking with them some balloons and something more surprising, both of which turn out to be very handy . . .

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Before And After

Author: Matthew Thomas

Publisher: Voyager (1999)

‘The sheep shall be the first sign. Those that frolic and hop will detonate with great concussions, The strongest glues will not hold them, their suffering will go unheeded, Until the Great Triangles depart’ From the Lost Centuries of Nostradamus: Quatrain v11.5 So it begins: the end of the world. The Apocalypse is at hand, afoot, in your face – wherever – it’s going to affect you, mentally and physically. Ask Colin the sheep about it and he’d probably say ‘BOOOM!’ which isn’t very helpful but then he has just exploded. Ask Professor Michael D. Nostrus, history teacher at a redbrick university and formerly the sometimes-vaguely-accurate prophet Nostradamus, and he might give you a piece of advice along the lines of: hole up in a Welsh farmhouse with an attractive young woman and read books like THE SAS SURVIVAL GUIDE: KILL SQUIRRELS THE WAY THE PROFESSIONALS DO. Some people think he’s mad…Professor Michael D. Nostrus knows better. After all, he’s had 500 years to work out what to do…

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Bertie Wiggins' Amazing Ears

Authors: David Cox, Erica James

Part of a series: Oxford Reading Tree Stage 11: TreeTops Fiction

Publisher: Oxford University Press (2005)

Bertie Wiggins is a champion ear wiggler, but no-one is interested,not even his mum and dad. 'Why can't you be more like Prince Cecil?' they grumble. 'He a;ways gets his sums right. You'll never get on T.V. by wiggling your ears.' But one day Bertie gets a chance to prove them wrong. This book is part of TreeTops Fiction, a structured reading programme providing juniors with stories they will love to read. Written as chapter books with full-colour illustrations, and by well-known authors, these stories are full of humour.

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Bill's New Frock

Author: Anne Fine

Publisher: Egmont (2017)

A classic children’s story from one of our best-loved authors, former Children’s Laureate Anne Fine. The Modern Classics edition features new illustrations and bonus material. Bill Simpson wakes up to find he’s a girl, and worse, his mother makes him wear a frilly pink dress to school. How on earth is he going to survive a whole day like this? Everything just seems to be different for girls . . . Perfect for readers aged 7 years and up and fans of The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams.

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Billionaire Bairn

Authors: Tony Ross, David Walliams, Matthew Fitt

Publisher: Itchy Coo (2015)

Ken Joe Spud? He's the warld's richest boay! He's got his ain Formula Yin racin caur and a rollercoaster in the back gairden. He's sae rich he maks paper aeroplanes oot o fifty poond notes and blaws his neb on them as weel. Joe Spud has awthin a laddie could ever want, but his money cannae buy the yin thing he really needs: a freend... Read David Walliams hilarious and touching story about the world s richest and loneliest lad now in Scots for the first time.

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