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The Origin Of Species

Author: Charles Darwin

Publisher: (1859)

'A grain in the balance will determine which individual shall live and which shall die...'. Darwin's theory of natural selection issued a profound challenge to orthodox thought and belief: no being or species has been specifically created; all are locked into a pitiless struggle for existence, with extinction looming for those not fitted for the task. Yet The Origin of Species (1859) is also a humane and inspirational vision of ecological interrelatedness, revealing the complex mutual interdependencies between animal and plant life, climate and physical environment, and - by implication - within the human world. Written for the general reader, in a style which combines the rigour of science with the subtlety of literature, The Origin of Species remains one of the founding documents of the modern age.

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The Terrible Truth About Time

Author: Nick Arnold

Part of a series: Horrible Science

Publisher: Scholastic Ltd (2011)

Want some really horrible science? It’s about time! Go time-travelling with this icky book and discover all the terrible time facts you’ve been waiting ages to find out. What happens if you go too close to a black hole? How do flies tell the time? Why do the years zoom past faster as you get older? Find out who was killed for changing the calendar. Make your own crazy clock. Meet the tortured time geniuses who went mad working it out! Check out your chances of a time-travel trip (but don’t forget your sick bag!) The Terrible Truth about Time will get your ticker racing!

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The Toy Box

Author: Catherine Baker

Part of a series: Oxford Reading Tree inFact Level 2

Publisher: Oxford University Press (2016)

Is it red? Is it big? Can you sort the toys?

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The Universe In Your Hand

Author: Christophe galfard

Publisher: Macmillan (2015)

The Universe in Your Hand takes us on a wonder-filled journey to the surface of our dying Sun, shrinks us to the size of an atom and puts us in the deathly grip of distant Black Holes. Along the way you might come to understand, really understand, the mind-bending science that underpins modern life, from Quantum Mechanics to Einstein's theory of General Relativity.

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The Voyage Of The Beagle

Author: Charles Darwin

Publisher: Wordsworth Editions (1997)

DARWIN THE VOYAGE OF THE BEAGLE with an Introduction by David Amigoni Charles Darwin's travels around the world as an independent naturalist on HMS Beagle between 1831 and 1836 impressed upon him a sense of the natural world's beauty and sublimity which language could barely capture. Words, he said, were inadequate to convey to those who have not visited the inter-tropical regions, the sensation of delight which the mind experiences'. Yet in a travel journal which takes the reader from the coasts and interiors of South America to South Sea islands, Darwin's descriptive powers are constantly challenged, but never once overcome. In addition, The Voyage of the Beagle displays Darwin's powerful, speculative mind at work, posing searching questions about the complex relation between the Earth's structure, animal forms, anthropology and the origins of life itself.

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The Water Cycle

Authors: Bobbie Kalman, Rebecca Sjonger

Part of a series: Nature's Changes

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing (2006)

This title is intended for ages 6-10. All life on Earth depends on the water cycle! This is a fascinating book that introduces children to this important cycle using a clear, step-by step approach. Kids will learn about how different processes, including evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and run-off, work together to move water from the ground to the air and then back down again. Full-colour diagrams and beautiful images accompany clear text to help make the water cycle come alive for kids as they learn: how plants contribute to the water cycle through transpiration; how water trapped underground for thousands of years remains part of the water cycle; the importance of water to all living things; and, ways in which people can help protect Earth's water and keep it clean.

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The Way Science Works

Authors: Robin Kerrod, Sharon Ann Dr Holgate

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley (2002)

Incredible experiements bring science to life. From the principles that explain the world, to the theories behind today's fast-changing technology, discover science in action. Test the theories with more than 60 hands-on projects. Amazing images to take you to the cutting edge of scientific developments. Packed full of facts about famous scientist, new technology, and more. Experiments are suitable for children aged 10 years and over and include safety precautions where applicable.

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The Weather Experiment

Author: Peter Moore

Publisher: Chatto & Windus (2015)

In an age when a storm at sea was evidence of God’s great wrath, nineteenth-century meteorologists had to fight against convention and religious dogma. But buoyed by the achievements of the Enlightenment a generation of mavericks set out to explain the secrets of the atmosphere and learned to predict the future. Among them were Luke Howard, the first to classify the clouds, Francis Beaufort who quantified the winds, James Glaisher, who explored the upper atmosphere in a hot-air balloon, Samuel Morse whose electric telegraph gave scientists the means by which to transmit weather warnings, and FitzRoy himself, master sailor, scientific pioneer and founder of the Met Office. Reputations were built and shattered. Fractious debates raged over decades between scientists from London to Galway, Paris to New York. Explaining the atmosphere was one thing, but predicting what it was going to do seemed a step too far. In 1854, when a politician suggested to the Commons that Londoners might soon know the weather twenty-four hours in advance, the House roared with laughter.Peter Moore’s exhilarating account navigates treacherous seas, rough winds and uncovers the obsession that drove these men to great invention and greater understanding.

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The Weather Of Britain

Author: Robin Stirling

Publisher: dlm Giles De La Mare (1987)

It is no accident that the weather is a perpetual topic of conversation in Britain. For its range of extreme conditions our climate is quite unusual. Winds of over 130 mph (1976), arctic conditions like those in early 1963 and snowstorms producing 6 feet of undrifted snow in 15 hours (1929), fogs in which you cannot see your own feet (1952), protracted droughts as in 1975-6 and 1995-7 and heatwaves with temperatures reaching 100°F (1868), hailstorms showering down ½ lb hailstones (1925), ice-storms so severe that birds fell to the ground in mid flight, weighed down by coats of ice (1940), and deluges releasing 11 inches of rain in 24 hours (1955) -- Robin Stirling tells us of these and many other equally remarkable phenomena, assessing their significance in relation to average conditions both locally and nationally, and putting all the facts into perspective. A mine of information, 'The Weather of Britain' has proved absorbing for all those with a general interest in the subject and valuable for people whose jobs and even lives depend on having a detailed and accurate knowledge of Britain's weather. It is now appearing in paperback for the first time in this second, extensively revised and completely updated edition.

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The Wrong Kind Of Snow

Authors: Antony Woodward, Robert Penn

Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks (2008)

It is a fact universally acknowledged that the British are obsessed with the weather. This is not surprising as no country in the world has such unpredictable weather, with such power to rule people's lives. THE WRONG KIND OF SNOW is the complete daily companion to this national phenomenon. From the Spanish Armada to the invention of the windscreen wiper, each of the 365 entries beautifully illustrates a day in the weird and wonderful history of the British and their weather.

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