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The Great Fire Of London

Author: Izzi Howell

Part of a series: Why Do We Remember?

Publisher: Franklin Watts (2017)

Why Do We Remember?: The Great Fire of London describes the catastrophic fire that laid waste to much of London in September 1666. It explores how we know about the fire, from popular songs to diaries, and looks at how it led directly to the renaissance of London. This simple, friendly children's first history series, aimed at readers aged 5 and up, takes a close look at some key events and personalities through history and reveals how and why they are still important to us today. A perfect support to learning about history at Key Stage 1, each book uses a rich variety of historical sources, from diaries to paintings, to bring events to life, while simple historical vocabulary is introduced and explained. Each book also features a simple timeline and explores how we find about the past. All text has been carefully checked by a historian.

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The History Of The Conquest Of Mexico

Author: William H Prescott

Publisher: (1843)

One of America's greatest and most highly regarded historians, William Hickling Prescott set a lofty literary standard for historical writing with his books on Spain's emperors and explorers. The History of the Conquest of Mexico focuses on Hernan Cortes, a notary from Spain's Extremadura region, arriving at the edge of the Aztec empire with 500 men, determined to spread Christianity and enlarge the domain of Charles V of Spain. Within the space of a few years Cortes found himself fending off rivals from Spain and warring against enraged Aztecs, against whose superior numbers Cortes struggled against the odds to maintain his garrisons. Prescott's biographer Harry Thurston Peck called The History of the Conquest of Mexico "one of the most brilliant examples which the English language possesses of literary art applied to historical narration."

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The Honourable Company: A History Of The English East India Company

Author: John Keay

Publisher: Harper Collins (1991)

During 200 years the East India Company grew from a loose association of Elizabethan tradesmen into "the grandest society of merchants in the universe". As a commercial enterprise it came to control half the world's trade and as a political entity it administered an embryonic empire. Without it there would have been no British India and no British Empire. In a tapestry ranging from Southern Africa to north-west America, and from the reign of Elizabeth I to that of Victoria, bizarre locations and roguish personality abound. From Bombay to Singapore and Hong Kong the political geography of today is, in some respects, the result of the Company. This book looks at the history of the East India Company.

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The Horrible History Of Britain And Ireland

Authors: Terry Deary, Martin Brown

Part of a series: Horrible Histories

Publisher: Scholastic (2012)

Another lavish production for Xmas - this time the Wicked History of Britain in full colour. Re-using material from the entire series (approx 70%), Terry weaves together a tale of rottenness, rioting and revolution to give readers a one-stop shop of horror. The histories of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are retold in one volume, complete with new material from Terry and Martin.

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The Lady In Medieval England 1000 -1500

Author: Peter Coss

Publisher: Sutton Publishing (2000)

This text explores the role of the lady within medieval society, describing what she actually did rather than the romantic ideal. It covers the English lady in the 11th and 12th centuries; the widening of gentility in England in the succeeding centuries; social relations between the sexes, including incidences of rape and murder; plus a chapter examining the lady in contemporary literature. The text is complemented by a selection of contemporary illustrations from manuscripts and documents, as well as photographs of medieval effigies and other artefacts

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The Medieval Realms

Author: Nigel Kelly

Part of a series: Heinemann History Study Units

Publisher: Heinemann Educational (1991)

Focusing on the medieval realms, this is one of a history series which offers teachers the flexibility to design their own scheme of work at Key Stage 3 of the National Curriculum.

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The Murder Of Princess Diana

Author: Noel Botham

Publisher: Metro (2006)

The death of Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, sent shockwaves around the world. A nation was left in mourning, but soon feelings of suspicion surfaced: was her death all that the Establishment might wish us to believe? Now, after an exhaustive two-year probe, investigative writer and former journalist Noel Botham has dared to reveal what the people of Britain have always believed - that Diana's death was murder. Using his unique contacts in the secretive worlds of intelligence and royalty, the author has uncovered the facts that prove Diana was - as she herself predicted she would be - the victim of a professional hit squad. He presents a clear account of what really happened on that fateful day of 31 August 1997. Why was the killing sanctioned? How was it executed? Was there really another car in the tunnel at the time of the crash? All of these questions and more, including how the truth was covered up by an official whitewash, are answered. This astounding book is what all enquiring minds have been waiting for, blowing the lid off the secrets the Establishment does not want us to know. "The Murder of Princess Diana" firmly lays to rest the theory that Diana's death was a tragic accident, and finally gives the people of Britain the explanation they deserve.

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The New Arabians

Author: Peter Mansfield

Publisher: Doubleday (1981)

In the Arabian Peninsula an impoverished semi-nomadic society is being transformed in a single generation into one that can deal with the advanced industrial nations of the world on an equal footing. Moreover, the attempt is being made to carry out this monumentally difficult task without the loss of the people's identity or the essential values of their ancient society. The past of the New Arabians is important to them because of their lively awareness of their place in the mingled strands of Arab and Islamic history. But it is their future which requires urgent attention. The dazzling statistics of their current wealth conceal the fact that this is based on a wasting asset. Everything that is being done in Arabia today needs to be seen in the light of its results over the next fifty years—that is “before the oil runs out.”

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The Northmen's Fury: A History Of The Viking World

Author: Philip Parker

Publisher: Vintage (2015)

The Northmen’s Fury tells the Viking story, from the first pinprick raids of the eighth century to the great armies that left their Scandinavian homelands to conquer larger parts of France, Britain and Ireland. It recounts the epic voyages that took them across the Atlantic to the icy fjords of Greenland and to North America over four centuries before Columbus and east to the great rivers of Russia and the riches of the Byzantine empire.

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The Russian Revolution

Author: Tim Coates

Part of a series: Uncovered Editions

Publisher: Tim Coates (2000)

"The treatment of the Imperial Family at Ekaterinburg shows an animus which was entirely wanting at Tobolsk and the Bolsheviks became more hostile and more suspicious, as they felt that their own reign was coming to an end, and they must leave the city. There is some evidence that they were very much alarmed by an aeroplane flying over the garden of the house and I fear it is comprehensible that in a fit of rage and panic they made away with his Imperial Majesty."

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