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The Secret Life Of Bletchley Park

Author: Sinclair Mckay

Publisher: Aurum Press (2010)

Bletchley Park was where one of the war's most famous - and crucial - achievements was made: the cracking of Germany's "Enigma" code in which its most important military communications were couched. This country house in the Buckinghamshire countryside was home to Britain's most brilliant mathematical brains, like Alan Turing, and the scene of immense advances in technology - indeed, the birth of modern computing. The military codes deciphered there were instrumental in turning both the Battle of the Atlantic and the war in North Africa. But, though plenty has been written about the boffins, and the codebreaking, fictional and non-fiction - from Robert Harris and Ian McEwan to Andrew Hodges' biography of Turing - what of the thousands of men and women who lived and worked there during the war? What was life like for them - an odd, secret territory between the civilian and the military? Sinclair McKay's book is the first history for the general reader of life at Bletchley Park, and an amazing compendium of memories from people now in their eighties - of skating on the frozen lake in the grounds (a depressed Angus Wilson, the novelist, once threw himself in) - of a youthful Roy Jenkins, useless at codebreaking, of the high jinks at nearby accommodation hostels - and of the implacable secrecy that meant girlfriend and boyfriend working in adjacent huts knew nothing about each other's work.

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The Spy And The Traitor

Author: Ben Macintyre

Publisher: Penguin (2019)

A thrilling Cold War story about a KGB double agent, by one of Britain's greatest historians - now with a new afterword On a warm July evening in 1985, a middle-aged man stood on the pavement of a busy avenue in the heart of Moscow, holding a plastic carrier bag. In his grey suit and tie, he looked like any other Soviet citizen. The bag alone was mildly conspicuous, printed with the red logo of Safeway, the British supermarket. The man was a spy. A senior KGB officer, for more than a decade he had supplied his British spymasters with a stream of priceless secrets from deep within the Soviet intelligence machine. No spy had done more to damage the KGB. The Safeway bag was a signal: to activate his escape plan to be smuggled out of Soviet Russia. So began one of the boldest and most extraordinary episodes in the history of spying. Ben Macintyre reveals a tale of espionage, betrayal and raw courage that changed the course of the Cold War forever...

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The Story Of Inventions

Authors: Anna Claybourne, Adam Larkum

Publisher: Usborne Publishing Limited (2007)

This book explains how, when and why the ingenious inventions which surround us were created, from simple spectacles to complex computers. It covers such diverse subjects as toilets, bread, Braille, parachutes and jeans, alongside more traditional 'inventions' such as aeroplanes, microwaves and computers. The development of each invention is thoroughly detailed over each double page, showing not only how and why the invention was created, but how they have been influenced by other discoveries over the ages. It is humorously illustrated by Adam Larkum. It contains a full glossary of technical terms and internet-links to encourage further learning.

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The Tudor Age

Author: Jasper Ridley

Publisher: Constable (1988)

From the arrival of Henry Tudor and his army, at Milford in 1485, to the death of the great Queen Elizabeth I in 1603, this was an astonishingly eventful and contradictory age. All the strands of Tudor life are gathered in a rich tapestry - London and the country, costumes, furniture and food, travel, medicine, sports and pastimes, grand tournaments and the great flowering of English drama, juxtaposed with the stultifying narrowness of peasant life, terrible roads, a vast underclass, the harsh treatment of heretics and traitors, and the misery of the Plague.

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The Tudor Housewife

Author: Alison Sim

Publisher: Sutton Publishing (1996)

In welcome contrast to the usual collection of strange recipes and bizarre medical distillations reproduced without comment in many books on sixteenth-century women, "The Tudor Housewife" provides, for the first time, a general introduction to the everyday life and responsibilities of the Tudor woman. With chapters on marriage, childbirth, the upbringing of children, washing and cleaning, food and drink, the housewife as doctor, women and business, and women and religion, Alison Sim reveals how women were expected to manage businesses as well as the household accounts, take extensive personal interest in the moral welfare of their children, administer medicine to their households and provide emotional support to their husbands in the wider world. She challenges widely held assumptions that all households were self-sufficient in the sixteenth century and shows that even wealthy ladies were not brought up to be idle. Highly illustrated in colour and black and white, and written in Alison Sim's lively and readable style, "The Tudor Housewife" provides an attractive and captivating insight into past women's lives, of interest to the general reader, social historian, and those involved in women's studies.

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The Usa Betwen The Wars 1919 - 1941

Authors: John Murray, Terry Fiehn, Rik Mills

Publisher: Hodder Education (2010)

DISCOVERING THE PAST for GCSE Each book in the series combines a penetrating analysis of the specification content with a source- based, enquiry-led approach which will stimulate interest and deepen historical understanding. The USA Between the Wars is a comprehensive depth study for students taking this subject at examination level. It covers all the relevant requirements of the OCR, AQA and Edexcel specifications. It includes a mass of fresh and unusual source material and case studies which give a deep insight into the boom years of the 1920s and the harsh Depression of the 1930s. It combines comprehensive specification coverage with motivating and stimulating classroom strategies. The Teachers' Resource Rook provides clear guidance on teaching the unit and preparing for assessment by both exam and coursework, together with support and extension worksheets. The authors Terry Fiehn is a former advisory teacher in London. He has been a consultant on the Discovering the Past series since its inception. Rik Mills teaches History in Hull. Maggie Samuelson is former History Advisor in North Lincolnshire. Carol White is an Education Director. Colin Shephard (Series Editor) is Chief Examiner for OCR's Modern World History specification.

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The Victorian Woman

Author: Duncan Crow

Publisher: George Allen & Unwin Ltd (1971)

Changes in the political, economic, and especially the social institutions that affected women are examined carefully with especial attention paid to the attitudes taken by the figures of importance in the period

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The World At War

Author: Mark Arnold-Forster

Publisher: Fontana/Collins (1976)

The Second World War was the largest and most appalling military conflagration in history. It killed millions of people. It destroyed much of the old Europe. It altered the world balance of political and economic power. Its consequences are incalculable and are everywhere with us still. In his now classic book, The World at War, Mark Arnold-Forster tells the story of the War in a simple, bold and highly readable way. He illuminates each of the main theatres individually, so that the complex development of the various military campaigns can be easily followed. Making use of original documents as well as first-hand interviews, he has produced a history which is both authoritative and intensely vivid.

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Then The Americans Came: Voices From Vietnam

Author: Martha Hess

Publisher: Rutgers University Press (1994)

As told by Vietnamese people in their own words, this is the first book about how the general population in Vietnam endured and what they felt about the war. Hess interviewed more than 100 people to amass this collection of accounts of wartime experiences. 52 photos.

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Titanic - A Survivor's Story

Author: Archibald Gracie

Publisher: The History Press (2008)

A Gracie died in December 1912, months after the sinking of the Titanic. Before his death - due to exposure during the sinking of Titanic - he diligently collected facts about the sinking. He provides details of those final moments, including names of passengers pulled from the ocean and of those men who, in a panic, jumped into lifeboats as they were being lowered, causing injury and further danger to life.

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