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Devastating Dinosaurs

Author: Ian Locke

Part of a series: Fact Attack

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books (1999)

This volume in the "Fact Attack" series is full of facts about these early inhabitants of the earth, their habits and habitats and the discovery of and continuing search for fossils.

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Dr. Johnson's London

Author: Liza Picard

Part of a series: Life of London

Publisher: Weidenfeld And Nicolson (2000)

In her survey of Johnson's London, which spans the years 1740 to 1770, Liza Picard reveals what it was that proved so compelling about the monstrous metropolis ... With her keen eye for human quirks and human weakness, Picard brings the age's tortuous splendours and profound murkiness vividly to life, and does so with great verve and originality.

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Dreadful Disasters

Author: Ian Locke

Part of a series: Fact Attack

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books (1998)

The 7th title in the "Fact Attack" series, this book is full of mishaps and mayhem.

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Early Britain

Authors: James Harrison, Honor Head, Jean Coppendale

Publisher: Kingfisher (2007)


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Elizabeth's London

Author: Liza Picard

Publisher: W&N (2004)

Like its acclaimed companion volumes, Restoration London, Dr Johnson's London and Victorian London, this book is the result of the author's passionate interest in the practical details of everyday life so often ignored in conventional history books. It begins with the River Thames, the lifeblood of Elizabethan London, before turning to the streets and the traffic in them. Liza Picard surveys building methods and shows us the interior decor of the rich and the not-so-rich and what they were likely to be growing in their gardens. Then the Londoners of the time take the stage, in all their amazing finery. Plague, smallpox and other diseases afflicted them. But food and drink, sex and marriage and family life provided comfort. Cares could be forgotten in a playhouse or the bull-baiting of bear-baiting rings or watching a good cockfight. Liza Picard's wonderfully skilful and vivid evocation of the London of Elizabeth I enables us to share the delights, as well as the horrors, of the everyday lives of our sixteenth-century ancestors.

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Emily Bronte

Author: Winifred Gerin

Publisher: Oxford University Press (1971)

The author has also written biographies of Charlotte Bronte and Elizabeth Gaskell. Emily was perhaps the least accessible of the Bronte sisters, and Winifred Gerin presents a balanced impression of her life, without becoming dazzled by her strangeness. She probes her withdrawn, mystical character, but counters it with an appreciation of her practicality and humanity. She traces Emily's development from unhappy schooldays, through her love of walking on the moors, the writing of "Gondal", "Wuthering Heights", the French Essays and her poems, to her death.

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Foundation History: Student Book. The Twentieth Century World (Heinemann History Study Units)

Author: Fiona Reynoldson

Publisher: Heinemann (1993)

Foundation History The Twentieth Century World is a new edition of the popular Era of the Second World War which has been fully revised and extended to meet the needs of the new curriculum. This edition: Covers brand new content, such as extended coverage of the First World War and the legacy of the Second World War, including the origins of the cold war Provides an historical overview as well as three depth studies, offering choice and flexibility: The Western Front Nazi Germany Civilians at War Delivers a concise and readable text, supported by a wide range of primary and secondary sources and activities which develop historical knowledge, skills and understanding.

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Gale Force 10

Author: Nicholas Courtney

Publisher: Headline Review (2003)

'Dover, Wight - Northwest 3 or 4, occasionally 5.' While everyone has heard the shipping forecast broadcast on the radio, few realise what the numbers refer to. Known as the Beaufort Scale, it has never been bettered and, as a result, never replaced. This lasting legacy of Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort is only part of his overall contribution to the world of the mariner, scientist and antiquarian. Nicholas Courtney chronicles the life of this unsung hero whose early years come straight from the pages of HORNBLOWER - pirates, wars and royalty - and whose later life carries on from LONGITUDE. The story, set at the turn of the nineteenth century, of this courageous officer who was instrumental to the major discoveries and surveys of his day - not least the voyages of the Beagle and the subsequent fame of Charles Darwin - is told here for the first time.

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GCSE History Schools History Project - The Revision Guide

Authors: Richard Parsons, CGP

Publisher: Coordination Group Publication (2013)

This GCSE History book is full of clear revision notes and practice questions for the Schools History Project - fully updated for the latest ‘strengthened’ exams. It covers ‘The American West’, ‘Medicine Through Time’ and ‘Germany 1919-1945’ for the AQA A, Edexcel B and OCR A exams. It makes revision straightforward - each section is split into a topic per page, with questions to check what you’ve learnt at the end. There’s also a section of exam advice to help you improve your grades, including coverage of the spelling, punctuation and grammar requirements.

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GCSE Modern World History

Author: Ben Walsh

Part of a series: History in Focus

Publisher: Hodder Murray (2001)

This book covers from World War I to the collapse of the USSR" -.

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