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Compost: The Natural Way To Make Food For Your Garden

Author: Ken Thompson

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley (2007)

Making compost isn't just simple and satisfying, it will save you spending money on expensive soil conditioners and mulches. There's no need for fancy gadgets. Discover how to build a simple bin, find the best tools for the job, and learn what type of mix is perfect for the size of your garden. From what’s hot to rot, to bins and wormeries, discover how to transform your refuse into fertiliser that'll keep your flowers and plants blooming.

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Fun In The Garden

Author: Charlotte Raby

Part of a series: Oxford Reading Tree Stage 3: Floppy's Phonics Non-Fiction

Publisher: Oxford University Press (2011)

Floppy's Phonics Non-fiction allow children to practise their decoding and literacy skills in the context of exciting non-fiction books, which include a variety of text types and topics, and support from Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy.

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Gardening On A Shoestring

Author: Alex Mitchell

Publisher: Kyle Books (2015)

In our increasingly busy and chaotic world, more and more of us are turning to gardening as a way to create a pleasant space to be in. However, as we continue to tighten our purse strings, the cost can make the pastime a source of further stress rather than one of pleasure.

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Homegrown Revolution

Author: James Wong

Publisher: Weidenfeld And Nicolson (2012)

THE ‘GROW YOUR OWN’ REVOLUTION STARTS HERE… Whether it’s a window box of homegrown saffron, your very own kiwi vine or mini green tea plantation on your patio, TV botanist and best-selling author James Wong proves that ‘growing your own’ can be so much more exciting than spuds, sprouts and swede. Breaking free from the ‘dig for victory’ time warp of allotment staples, James reveals the vast array of 21st century crops that will flourish outdoors, even in our blustery north Atlantic climate – no greenhouse necessary. From goji berries to food-mile free, sweet potatoes, James’ revolutionary approach to edible gardening will show you how to grow, cook and eat all manner of superfood crops that are just as easy (if not easier) and far more exciting to grow than the ‘ration book’ favourites. Inspiring, fun and full of plant know-how, this book is set to revolutionise the whole concept of ‘growing you own’ for newbie growers and seasoned allotment veterans alike. You’ll never look at your garden the same way again!

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Survival Gardening

Author: Edward Hyams

Publisher: John Murray (1975)

Come Kaiser, Hitler, or Inflation, Britain reacts by reaching for a spade. Whether you want to garden to save you and your Country’s pocket or simply for exercise, for fresh produce, or because you are a vegetarian, this is the book for you. And while you’re at it, why not keep yourself in tax-free wine and smokes? Your ancestors did for hundreds of years and you won’t be breaking the law if you follow Edward Hyams’ instructions here. All the book expects of you is ignorance and access to a bit of land, your own or the Council’s. Starting with a 30 × 10 yard plot Edward Hyams takes you through the basics of getting the soil in good shape, then sowing and growing the obvious vegetables and herbs. Month by month you are told how to get good yields, how long it takes, and how big a return to expect on the money you spend. You are guided through the digging controversy, warned of the dangers of compost obsession, and the problem of pests and disease is reduced to manageable size. The second part of the book assumes you have enough room (600 sq yds.) to grow the more exotic vegetables and fruit as well. It deals with what sort of trees or bushes to buy, how to train them, prune them and spray them. Edward Hyams, apart from his conventional gardening expertise, is particularly well fitted to teach you how to grow your own vines and tobacco in the last part of Survival Gardening. He has written the standard works on viticulture in England and for years smoked his own tobacco. First-time gardeners, however keen or reluctant, will find here all they need to plan and achieve a productive garden or allotment.

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Tackle Greenhouse Management This Way

Authors: William Herbert Lewis, W H Lewis

Publisher: Stanley Paul (1963)

This author, who has been growing a wide range of crops under glass for over thirty years, and whose work as a valuer of glasshouses and glasshouse crops takes him to gardens all over the country, has written this practical book for new owners of small greenhouses, who have little or no previous experience. For the gardener who is contemplating setting up a greenhouse for the first time, this book will prove an invaluable guide. It is written in simple down to earth terms, in a practical easy to follow manner.

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The 100 Best Herbaceous Plants

Authors: Peter Hunt, Cynthia Newsome-Taylor

Publisher: Garden Book Club (1963)

There Are So Many Hundreds Of Herbaceous Plants From Which The Gardener Can Select The Varieties Most Suitable To His Own Garden That The Beginner May Wel Feel Daunted

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The Enabling Garden

Author: Gene Rothert

Publisher: Taylor Publishing Company (1994)

If you garden, you'll want one book entirely for yourself, whether you're in perfect health and mobility or not. There are tips in here for garden design that you would never have thought about, and think about this: Can you show your garden to friends and acquaintances in wheelchairs, or is it closed off to them? Will you be able to move around in your own garden thirty years from now, or if you break your leg skiing? I savored the parts about attracting wildlife -- not pests, but butterflies and songbirds.

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