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Leon - Happy Salads

Authors: John Vincent, Jane Baxter

Publisher: Conran Octopus (2016)

Leon, the home of naturally fast food, have set out to create their desert island salads book. With over 100 all-new, all-smiles salad recipes for Classics, Lunchbox ideas and Food for Family and Friends; each salad is a meal in itself. It’s packed with tips and ideas for toppers and dressings to liven up your greens. Leon is the future of fast food, and it’s clear that vegetables are a big part of that future. This book is for people who love salads, and for people who don't know it yet.

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Leon: Breakfast And Brunch

Authors: Henry Dimbleby, Kay Plunkett-Hogge, Claire Ptak, John Vincent

Publisher: Conran (2013)

A great breakfast or brunch has always been at the heart of the Leon experience and this irresistible compact collection of naturally fast recipes will make your tastebuds sing. From a Breakfasty Banana Split and a Mini Knickerbocker Glory to luxurious wheat-free Saturday Pancakes, every day will get off to a fabulously energetic Leon-style start.

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Leon: Smoothies, Juices And Cocktails

Authors: Henry Dimbleby, Kay Plunkett-Hogge, Claire Ptak, John Vincent, Georgia Glynn Smith

Publisher: Conran (2013)

When Streaker goes on her summer holidays, hilarious misadventures can't be far behind. Jeremy Strong is immensely popular with children, who love his unique brand of silliness. He won the Children's Book Award in 1997 with The Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Dog, and in 2008 won the Sheffield Children's Book Award for Beware! Killer Tomatoes. Good food that's good for you is the mantra on which Leon was founded and the recipes in this gorgeous compact collection are packed with both flavour and goodness. Start the day with a Strawberry Power Smoothie or a Kiwi Breakfast Smoothie, chill out with a Cucumber Cooler or Melon Fizz and for something more indulgent try a Soul Fruit Cup or a Leon Summer Punch.

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Leon: Soups, Salads And Snacks

Authors: Kay Plunkett-Hogge, Claire Ptak, John Vincent, Georgia Glynn-Smith, Anita Mangan

Publisher: Conran (2013)

Leon restaurants have transformed lunchtime with their many flavourful alternatives to an energy-sapping sandwich. In this adorable gift-sized collection discover Apple's Persian Onion Soup, Laura's Jewelled Salad or Arthur's Favourite Duck & Lettuce Wrap.

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Low Carb Less Fat

Author: Anon

Part of a series: Australian Women's Weekly

Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group (2017)

It's no secret the high-fat, high-sugar, high-carb, highly-processed food western society is eating these day has led to myriad weight and health problems. Most of us, at one time or another, have tried to lose a few unwanted kilos. The good news now is many people are finding that eating low-carb, which reduces refined carbs from the diet, is helping to meet that goal. There's no cutting back on food here, just substituting those kilo-dense, nutrient-poor carbs with delicious, fresh, minimally-refined produce. Not only does reducing refined carbs help with some weight loss, but more importantly, it leads to a healthier more sustainable way of eating every day, and you'll feel better for it.

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Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook

Author: Mary Berry

Publisher: Carroll& Brown Ltd (2017)

An updated edition of Mary's million-selling cookbook. Every recipe is accompanied by a clear photograph, with a mix of traditional dishes, exotic flavours, and classic Mary Berry recipes. Learn to make every type of dish, including soups, poultry, game, pies, desserts, cakes, and vegetarian favourites. Every chapter starts with a know-how section to get you ready to cook and shows you dishes for all occasions, including hummus, paella, dairy-free lasagne, prawn, tacos, chicken pot pie, English roast beef, croissants, cherry cheesecake, and knock-out bakes, like her best-ever chocolate brownies!

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Michael Broadbent's Pocket Guide To Wine Vintages

Authors: Michael Broadbent, Mitchell Beazley

Publisher: Michael Beazley (1992)

This quick pocket reference guide to vintage wines available now from the fine wine growers of the world is divided into chapters by geographical regions and/or wine style. Within each chapter is a chronological series of notes on each vintage. The chapters begin in 1890 or as far back as records begin. Earlier years are given short notes, with longer entries for the more recent vintages.

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Mighty Mince Cookbook

Author: Jane Todd

Publisher: Hamlyn (1981)

Includes over 100 recipes for hamburgers, meatloaves, meatballs, fork fare and traditional mince dishes.

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Now To The Banquet

Authors: Isabelle Vischer, David Bowes-Lyon

Publisher: Victor Gollancz Ltd (1953)

IT has been my good fortune, and indeed a great privilege, to be able to boast that I have sat down on more than one occasion at Lady Vischer’s table and sampled her own cooking. To say I have sampled her dishes is a major understatement, for you do not taste her food, you eat it, and you eat it because her cooking is so palatably better and more intelligently produced than anything you are likely to encounter elsewhere. Therefore, all who wish to see their friends and guests eat well, or indeed enjoy good food themselves, should read this book.

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Author: Karra McFarlane

Part of a series: Oxford Reading Tree inFact Level 2

Publisher: Oxford University Press (2016)

Mix up eggs, flour and milk. Toss the pancakes in a pan!

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