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10 Secrets For Success And Inner Peace

Author: Dr Wayne Dyer

Publisher: Hay House (2006)

In this simple book Wayne Dyer reveals his 10 secrets to success and Inner Peace. Mastering these simple steps will help guide you to a more fulfilled peaceful life. Wayne wrote this book with his 8 children in mind, as they set out into their adult life, but its message is a universal secret "Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing"

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Answers To Tough Questions About The Christian Faith.

Authors: Josh McDowell, Don Stewart

Publisher: Authentic Media (2006)

How can we believe a bible full of contradictions? Why is Jesus the only way to God? Don't all religions basically teach the same thing? If Christianity is so great why are there so few Christians? Josh McDowell and Don Stewart answer these and dozens more questions. Over 50 questions are covered, dealing with a wide range of subjects, including God, the person of Christ, miracles, the Bible and what it really means to be a Christian.

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Aphorisms On Love And Hate

Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

Part of a series: Penguin Little Black Classics

Publisher: Penguin Books (2015)

This volume contains a selection of Nietzsche's brilliant and challenging aphorisms, examining the pleasures of revenge, the falsity of pity, and the incompatibility of marriage with the philosophical life.

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Aqa Religious Studies B Religion And Life Issues

Authors: Marianne Fleming, Anne Jordan, Peter Smith

Publisher: Nelson Thornes (2009)

AQA recognises the importance of good-quality teaching, learning and assessment resources to accompany their specification. That's why they've chosen to work exclusively with Nelson Thomas. With AQA examiner's providing content and quality control, you can be confident that this book is as closely matched to the specification as it can be. Religion and Life Issues covers the six major world religions in every topic, offering unrivalled flexibility and breadth of understanding. This fresh and colourful book will provide your students with everything they need to be successful in their examination: - written by a team of experienced, best-selling authors. - engaging features to develop essential skills and knowledge - assessment practice for every topic ensuring students are fully equipped for the assessment - examiner's tips to focus learning and aid revision of topics. This book is accompanied by a free website with teacher notes and scheme of work, to help you discover the new specification. For information and to get access visit:

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Billy Graham: Unto All The Nations

Author: Sam Wellman

Publisher: Barbour Books (1996)

No preacher before him had used the mass media to such advantage. No preacher before or after him has delivered the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to so many. Billy Graham, who has preached in person in more than eighty nations to more than 110 million people, has reached hundreds of millions more through radio and television. Yet since his first outdoor meeting in 1949, the focus of this extraordinary North Carolina-born evangelist has remained the same: to proclaim the Christian faith to nonbelievers. Unquestionably regarded as one of the leading Christian figures of his generation, Billy Graham has become a friend to presidents, but more importantly, a messenger of hope to the lost.

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Authors: Robert Bowie, Mark Constance, Janet Dyson

Part of a series: Living Faiths

Publisher: Oxford University Press (2013)

The Living Faiths series encourages students to actively engage with religious education by looking into how faiths are practised and lived in people's daily lives. This Student Book covers Buddhism through unique real-life case studies of young people and their families, making RE relevant to KS3 RE Students today. This Student Book uses an enquiry-led approach to help students relate to religion through engaging activities, end-of-chapter assessment tasks, and links to rich audio-visual content.

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Author: Harriet Brundle

Part of a series: Your Faith

Publisher: (2016)

Ideal for introducing young learners to the concept of religion, this exciting series explores places of worship, festivals, celebrations, and religious ceremonies through accessible text and engaging illustrations.

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Buddhism For Beginners

Author: Thubten Chodron

Publisher: Snow Lion Publications (2001)

This user’s guide to Buddhist basics takes the most commonly asked questions—beginning with “What is the essence of the Buddha’s teachings?”—and provides simple answers in plain English. Thubten Chodron’s responses to the questions that always seem to arise among people approaching Buddhism make this an exceptionally complete and accessible introduction—as well as a manual for living a more peaceful, mindful, and satisfying Life. Buddhism for Beginners is an ideal first book on the subject for anyone, but it’s also a wonderful resource for seasoned students, since the question-and-answer format makes it easy to find just the topic you’re looking for, such as: • What is the goal of the Buddhist path? • What is karma? • If all phenomena are empty, does that mean nothing exists? • How can we deal with fear? • How do I establish a regular meditation practice? • What are the qualities I should look for in a teacher? • What is Buddha-nature? • Why can't we remember our past lives?

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Buddhism For Today

Author: Chris Wright

Part of a series: Religion for today

Publisher: Oxford University Press (1997)

Buddhism for Today is part of a series of texts designed to fit the SCAA model syllabuses, which emphasise "learning about" and "learning from" religion. Each book consists of 29 two-page spreads with readable text that is highly illustrated and supported by activities. Each book has a one-page glossary and a one-page index. Buddhism for Today explores Buddhism through the three key concepts of the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha.

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But Don't All Religions Lead To God? Navigating The Multi-Faith Maze

Author: Michael Green

Publisher: Baker Books (2002)

In this book, well-known author Michael Green provides readers with an essential guide that will help us find our way through the increasingly disorientating 'religious' maze. In an easy-to-read manner he discusses views held by many and highlights important differences between Christianity and other faiths. The author claims that no other teacher except Christ even claimed to bring God to us; no other teacher dealt radically with the problem of human wickedness; no other teacher broke the final barrier - death; and no other teacher offered to actually live within his followers.

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