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Da Vinci Code Decoded

Author: Martin Lunn

Publisher: Disinformation Company Ltd (2004)

The Da Vinci code is a modern-day publishing phenomenon. With millions of copies in print, it is the most popular adult novel of the 21st Century. In an introductory note author Dan Brown tells us that ""all descriptions of documents and secret rituals...are accurate"". But are they? Now Martin Lunn, an expert historian, reveals the truth behind Brown's research. Non-dogmatic and not out to discredit Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code for religious reasons, as some critics in the past have been, Lunn delivers the one essential reader's guide to this highly controversial novel. Martin Lunn is a recognised expert in the Davidic bloodline and other issues presented in The Da Vinci Code. He has a Masters degree in History and an extensive background in journalism. He is also the Grand master of the Dragon Society, founded in 1408 by King Sigismund of Hungary.

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Dear Ijeawele: A Feminist Manifesto In Fifteen Suggestions

Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Publisher: 4th Estate (2017)

HOW DO YOU RAISE A CHILD TO BE A FEMINIST? Here are fifteen compelling, direct and perceptive suggestions to empower a daughter to become a strong, independent woman. Together they start a new and urgently needed conversation about what It really means to be a woman today.

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Deluded By Darwinism?

Author: Martin Down

Publisher: David C Cook (2007)

For many years Martin Down believed what Teacher said in school... that the world evolved over millions of years, and all the species we see today were formed by random mutation and natural selection. But as a Christian he found a different account in the Bible. Here was a conflict of ideas between scientists who, like Darwin, believed that the world was self-explanatory, and the Bible that said the world was created by God. But now, into the heart of this conflict, has come a new and astounding perspective: scientific evidence of Intelligent Design. Could science itself now be leading to the reappearance of God? Martin Down invites us to reconsider the evidence.

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Disappointment With God

Author: Philip Yancey

Publisher: Zondervan (1988)

No part of the Bible goes unstudied in this book's search for God's hidden nature as the author asks the questions that many shy away from investigating.

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Ethical Studies SECOND EDITION

Author: Robert Bowie

Publisher: Nelson Thornes Ltd (2004)

The second edition of Ethical Studies has five new chapters added to this indispensable text for A Level Religious Studies students. All the content of the first edition remains, updated and revised where appropriate, to give this new edition of our bestselling textbook fully comprehensive coverage of major awarding body specifications for Religious Ethics at AS and A2.

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Every Time I Find The Meaning Of Life, They Change It

Author: Daniel Klein

Publisher: Oneworld Publications (2015)

Fifty years ago it was the hope of finding some guidance on how to live the best life he could that led Daniel Klein to embark on the study of philosophy at Harvard, where he began filling a notebook with short quotations from the world's greatest thinkers. Now, decades later, Klein revisits the wisdom he relished in his youth and takes a wryly humorous look at some of life's great issues. From Epicurus and Emerson to Camus and Beckett, Klein expounds upon each pithy pronouncement with his inimitable charm and insight. The result is "Every Time I Find the Meaning of Life..." - a light-hearted meditation on the most profound subject there is.

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Free At Last: Story Of Martin Luther King

Author: R J Owens

Part of a series: Faith In Action Series

Publisher: Religious And Moral Education (1998)

A moving account of Martin Luther King's part in the campaign for civil rights in the USA. The very popular Faith in Action Series is suitable for individual and class or group work. In addition to the main biographical story, the book contains suggestions for discussion, thinking and writing as well as examination type questions.

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God, Money And Politics

Author: Simon Hayhoe

Publisher: Information Age Publishing (2008)

Our book examines the role of three factors, God, Money, and Politics, in the epistemological theory of blindness, (the theory of the construction of knowledge on blindness and touch by social and cultural change). This book also illustrates this development has, in the main, been motivated by an attempt to assert or gain power and why the study of blindness in conventional academic subjects such as psychology, history and sociology is so important. We do this by presenting the main theories of disability and blindness that have informed the writing of this book, and a frame of reference for the historical story. Which places the book in the broad context of theories of disability and blindness, within an academic and symbolic context of physical impairment and the social mythologies that accompany such understanding.

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Grace Abounding

Author: David B. Calhoun

Publisher: Christian Focus (2005)

David Calhoun tells us about Bunyan's life as well as analysing his books and theology. Bunyan was an English Baptist pastor whose influence through 'The Pilgrim's Progress' could be said to have shaped the British and American psyche. Bunyan was more than an imprisoned tinker with time on his hands, he wrote many other books and was a key figure in British history during momentous nation- changing events.

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Grace Abounding To The Chief Of Sinners

Author: John Bunyan

Publisher: Public Domain Books (1996)

John Bunyan, author of the great Christian allegory Pilgrim's Progress, was born into a tinker family. As a youth, he was tormented by fits of depression, dreams of fiends trying to fly away with him, and voices telling him to sell Christ. He joined and preached to a Baptist society in Bedford, for which he was arrested and jailed for nearly 12 years. While in prison he wrote Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners and began his allegorical masterpiece.

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