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Guide To The Cats Of The World

Author: Howard Loxton

Publisher: Book Sales (1991)

About the author Howard Loxton, author of a number of books on cats and cat care, lives in London with a pair of Siamese. He was adopted by a coal-black kitten in the middle of the blitz and has been a devoted felinophile ever since. About the artist Peter Warner, artist, print maker and illustrator, was trained at the Royal Academy Schools. He is particularly well known for his animal and natural-history studies, often sketched from life near his home in the Kent countryside. His Seal Point Siamese and three mongrel cats have frequently posed as models.

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Helping The Hoiho

Author: Dean Schneiber

Publisher: Shortland Publications (1995)

Fascinating book which describes the behaviour and characteristics of the hoiho (yellow-eyed penguin), which is found only in New Zealand. It looks at the threats to its survival and discusses the measures being taken to save the penguins and their homes.

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Horse Chestnuts

Author: Karen Bush

Publisher: Threshold (1990)

A diversionary hotch-potch of horsey facts and figures - historical - allegorical - mythical - comical - whimsical. Infinitely readable and thoroughly unputdownable.

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How To Have An Obedient Dog

Author: Jackie Marriott

Publisher: Right Way (1986)

The book concentrates on who is the boss (you), who is the underdog (the dog) and how this situation is reached and fully understood by the dog. From that point on. Everything falls into place, and the book gives a wealth of information about both formal and informal training methods.

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Hunting With My Camera

Author: Brian Enting

Part of a series: Literacy Links Picture Books

Publisher: Shortland Publications (1992)

Part of the Literacy Links Picture Books series, aimed at teaching school children about the different wild animals spotted on a safari ride, with close up pictures that take the reader to the heart of the adventure.

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Author: Cynthia Rider

Part of a series: Oxford Reading Tree Stage 3: More Fireflies A

Publisher: Oxford University Press (2006)

This book is part of the Oxford Reading Tree Fireflies series which offer a wide range of stimulating non-fiction titles for young children. It includes a variety of topics covering all areas of the curriculum, from science to citizenship. The books have a bright modern page design, and are illustrated with colour photographs. They are carefully graded across 10 stages and contain built-in progression and vocabulary repetition throughout.

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Author: Beverley Randell

Part of a series: Pm Library Turquoise Level

Publisher: Nelson Thornes (1997)

A non-fiction book about Kangaroos, for young readers.

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Keeping Tadpoles (Alive!)

Author: Jim Foster

Part of a series: Discovery World Stage F

Publisher: Rigby (1998)

This book explains all that a child needs to know about tadpoles - where to find them, how to collect them, how they will develop, and how to look after them.

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Life Cycles: Snakelet To Snake

Author: Camilla De la Bédoyère

Publisher: QED publishing (2012)

What do baby snakes look like? What do snakelets eat? Do snakes look after their babies? Packed with fascinating facts about life cycles. Amazing photographs of every stage. Labelled diagrams to explain growth and development. Are you ready to start at the beginning?

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Life Under The Sea

Author: Christine Butterworth

Part of a series: Ginn New Reading 360 Level 6

Publisher: Harcourt Education (1998)

The sea is a dark and mysterious place where strange creatures live. Vampire Squid, fish with lights, the Black Swallower and creatures thought to have died out thousands of years ago lurk in the depths.

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