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Dial A Ghost

Author: Eva Ibbotson

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books (2015)

'Get me some ghosts,’ said Fulton Snodde-Brittle. ‘Frightful and dangerous ghosts!’ Fulton Snodde-Brittle is not happy when grand Helton Hall is left to his nephew Oliver instead of him. But Fulton has an evil plan to take it back, and visits the Dial-a-Ghost Agency hoping to hire some truly terrifying ghosts to scare poor Oliver to death. The Shriekers are the most violent and sickening spectres the agency has - but a mix-up results in the kindly Wilkinson ghosts being sent in their place. Can the Wilkinsons help Oliver outwit the wicked Fulton Snodde-Brittle?

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Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Part of a series: Longman Literacy Land

Publisher: Longman (2002)

enre Range for ages 5-11 Provides exciting and engaging texts from all the fiction genres children need to experience and understand. Offers rich opportunities for speaking and listening through playscripts and poetry ranging from classics to contemporary. Provides easily manageable drama for study and performance in the classroom and an introduction to Shakespeare in Key Stage 2. Especially motivates and supports reluctant readers through accessible, visual genres such as comic strips and Access texts for ages 9-11. Provides varied models for writing for comparison, discussion and practice with letters and diaries providing particularly supportive examples of written communication. Simple integration of assessment for learning into class teaching is provided in the Teaching Notes which ensure children's reading and writing skills progress at word, sentence and text level. Accessible Teaching Notes and Activity sheets ensure teachers, teaching assistants and parents are all able to contribute to teaching and learning.

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End Game

Author: Nick Shadow

Part of a series: The Midnight Library

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books (2005)

Welcome to the terrifying world of The Midnight Library. I, Nick Shadow, have spent many years searching for the most spine-chilling stories in existence. Now, at last, I have chosen to share with you the best of my collection. Read on...if you dare! Simon is a computer addict. When he's sent a mysterious new game, the lines between virtual reality and real life become terrifyingly blurred...

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French Frights (Too Ghoul For School)

Author: B Strange

Part of a series: Too Ghoul for School

Publisher: Egmont (2007)

Q. What do you get when you take a medieval plague pit, build a school on top of it and fill it with hundreds of noisy pupils? A. Some very cranky ghosts, who are much too ghoul for St Sebastian’s School! Keen for her year-seven pupils to spend time with their French pen pals, St Sebastian’s French teacher, Madame Dupont, arranges for the foreign pupils to visit. They arrive with some excess baggage not of the suitcase variety! – and James, Alexander and Lenny soon have a battle on their hands to save St Sebastian’s from its spooky invaders.

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Ghost Rescue

Author: Andrew Murray

Part of a series: Ghost Rescue

Publisher: Orchard Books (2009)

When Charlie goes on a trip to Fairfax Castle, he meets a family of very unhappy ghosts. They are being forced to sing songs against their will! Can Charlie rescue the ghosts and find them somewhere less musical to haunt?

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Author: Stephen Elboz

Publisher: Oxford University Press (1996)

Ewan is amazed to discover the ghost of a boy in the house where he's staying, but soon they become firm friends. The ghost, Ziggy, and his other ghoulish friends are in desperate need of Ewan's help. The local ghost-nappers are out to get them - they want to take them away to the Ghostlands theme park, from which there is no escape. Stephen Elboz's quirky and original style brings the story to life with a great sense of humour and a sharp wit.

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Groosham Grange

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd (2015)

Sent to Groosham Grange as a last resort by his parents, David Eliot quickly discovers that his new school is a very weird place indeed. New pupils are made to sign their names in blood; the French teacher disappears every full moon and the assistant headmaster keeps something very chilling in his room.

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I Can See You

Author: Nick Shadow

Part of a series: The Midnight Library

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books (2006)

In this book, we encounter a sinister mood ring which seems to DETERMINE your mood, and find out how dangerous the dark can be ...Contains 3 books; 'I Can See You' True Colours and Picture Perfect.

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In The Dark Dark Wood

Author: Jessica Souham

Publisher: Frances Lincoln (2007)

This is a brilliant book for nursery age children. The illustrations of animals are captivating and entice the little ones to look at them time and time again. This is an excellent book to share with your children or other youngsters.

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Killing The Dead

Author: Marcus Sedgwick

Publisher: Indigo (2015)

A World Book Day 2015 book for older readers. Follow the dark, dark path into the dark, dark woods to the dark, dark bridge by the dark, dark water. Linger. Let the ghosts of heaven tell their story.

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