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Languages in Three Months

Italian In Three Months

Author: Milena Reynolds

Publisher: Hugo Language Books (1991)

Hugo’s world-famous method of teaching, which has helped countless students to master a foreign language, is designed to take absolute beginners through to a good working knowledge, enabling them to understand and be understood, in a remarkably short time. The essence of this Course is simplicity; it is also extremely practical, being designed both to facilitate steady and rapid progress as well as to make language learning enjoyable. Students who are already fairly proficient will find the Course to be invaluable for review and advancement, and it is also a very useful reference book in support of class teaching and an excellent introduction to first-level examinations. This Course begins with guidance on Italian pronunciation and then goes on to explain in simple terms the basic elements of grammar. Each lesson contains a number of these instructional paragraphs, which are illustrated by model sentences and supported by exercises (with answers) and word lists. Plenty of idiomatic language is to be found in the Course, particularly in the conversation pieces which form the basis of each lesson. Hugo’s unique system of ‘imitated pronunciation’ is a feature of the earlier lessons and greatly helps those who are unable to use our special AUDIO CASSETTES. The book has been compiled as a complete course of study in itself, but you will find that learning the language is made even easier if you use it in conjunction with the tapes. HUGO’S ITALIAN CASSETTE COURSE is available (packed together with a copy of this book) from your bookseller, and we recommend that you consider the full package.

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