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Super DC Heroes

Batman: Catwomen's Halloween Heist

Author: Eric Fein

Publisher: Capstone Global Library Limited (2011)

FROM THE PAGES OF DC COMICS COMES… SUPER DC HEROES ORIGINAL, FULL-COLOUR CHAPTER BOOKS! IN THIS BOOK: Barbara Gordon, the super hero Batgirl, has been invited to the biggest Halloween party of the year. Unfortunately, she has already agreed to spend the evening with Robin, her crime-fighting partner. Instead of arguing with her mentor, Batman, Barbara decides to take Robin along. That night, they arrive at the party, hosted by a strange collector of Halloween artefacts. Suddenly, the lights go out! When they come back on, his prized artefact, a black cat made of diamonds, is missing! One of the masked guests must have stolen it, and Batgirl and Robin must capture the cat burglar.

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