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Bear Grylls

A Bear Grylls Adventure: The Earthquake Challenge

Authors: Bear Grylls, Emma McCann

Publisher: Bear Grylls (2017)

Fatima's loving Camp during the daytime, but pitch-black nights in the tent are scary. Then she's given a mysterious compass that transports her to a deserted city, where the aftershocks of a huge earthquake are still being felt and all the lights are out - and the buildings are falling down around her. But soon Fatima meets up with survival expert Bear Grylls, who helps her get safely out of the danger zone. Together they discover that the city's not quite as deserted as it seemed . . . and Fatima learns a few things about staying calm no matter what happens.

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A Bear Grylls Adventure: The Jungle Challenge

Author: Bear Grylls

Publisher: Bear Grylls (2017)

Ready for some real adventure? Omar wants to win - he's determined to be the fastest and the best at everything. Even if that means upsetting people slower than him. Then a strange compass gets him lost in a thick tropical rainforest, face to face with deadly spiders, poisonous snakes - and Bear Grylls. Together, they must find a way through the dangerous undergrowth and cross croc-infested waters ... Can Omar slow down, take is steady and learn the jungle law? An inspirational adventure for young survival experts from Chief Scout Bear Grylls, with wonderful illustrations by Emma McCann.

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