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The Loch Ness Monster Mystery

Authors: Virginia King, Maureen Fleming

Publisher: Kingscourt / McGraw-Hill (1995)

Introduces the folklore and reported sightings of the unidentified creature known as the Loch Ness Monster and evaluates the evidence for and against its existence.

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Author: Robin Klein

Publisher: Kingscourt / McGraw-Hill (1995)

No laughing. No whistling. No smiling allowed. The city of Glumly is a depressing place, where even sunshine and flowers are forbidden - and Mr Grim is determined to make sure it stays that way. But Sarah Frown's mouth keeps turning up at the corners - and when she becomes curious about the world that lies beyond the city walls … well, the whole grey world of Glumly is about to change!

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Casey's Case

Author: David Rish

Publisher: Kingscourt / McGraw-Hill (1995)

Casey and his dad never seem to stay in one place for long, and now they're about to move to Halls - their tenth move in four years. Casey expects they won't be staying there long, either. But Halls turns out to be different - very different. And there's a big mystery that Casey needs to solve before he and his dad leave - or perhaps they'll never leave at all ...

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The Secret Of Kiribu Tapu Lagoon

Author: Tandi Jackson

Publisher: Kingscourt (2001)

From afar, Kiribu Tapu lagoon looks like paradise. But beneath its surface lies a dark secret that has kept the villagers away for hundreds of years. Lee, Sare, and Apu all know the stories of the lagoon's hidden treasure and the strange forces that protect it. Nothing could make them enter the lagoon. Nothing, that is, except for their discovery of a plot that could destroy the future of their village...

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Animals Of The Ice And Snow

Author: Anne Gordon

Publisher: Mimosa Publications (1992)

Near the North and South Poles, and high on the snow-capped mountains of the world, temperatures are below freezing for much of the year. Only animals with special features can survive here: animals with special ways of keeping warm, hiding themselves from other animals, finding food, and moving from place to place.

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Errol The Peril

Author: Meredith Costain

Publisher: Kingscourt / McGraw-Hill (1995)

Errol Finn hated his name. The kids at school all called him Errol the Peril, maybe because he always bumping into people, and he was terrible at sports. Then his grandmother told him about Errol Flynn, the famous actor, whose name didn't stop him from having amazing adventures and performing mind-boggling feats. So, thought Errol the Peril, perhaps it was time to do something about his own reputation.

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