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Collins Big Cat Series Purple Level

Chicken Licken

Author: Jeremy Strong

Publisher: Collins Educational (2007)

Chicken Licken thinks the sky is falling down! In his panic, he accidently leads all of his friends to the den of the hungry Foxy Loxy.

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Hector And The Cello

Author: Ros Asquith

Publisher: HarperCollins (2005)

Hector the Hippo wants to play the cello more than anything else in the world. But who in the jungle will teach him? Most of the other animals laugh at the idea. Finally Hector meets a musician who can help him, a lyrebird. He practices everyday until he has a chance to play at a grand concert in front of all the other animals.

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Living Dinosaurs

Authors: Jonathan Scott, Angela Scott

Publisher: HarperCollins (2007)

Ever wondered why the dinosaurs didn't survive? In this fascinating non-chronological report the success story of crocodiles and lizards (focusing on monitor lizards), and some of the reasons why they have survived since the time of the dinosaurs is explored.

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Pacific Island Scrapbook

Authors: Angie Belcher, Andy Belcher

Publisher: Collins Educational (2012)

This colourful and informative book is presented as a 'scrapbook' of mementoes from Amy's visit to the Pacific island of Vanuatu. Packed with photos, it gives information on how the islands of the Pacific wre formed, how villagers live, and about the kinds of animals and plants that grow there. With its account of towns, villages, food and activities, this book will inform and fascinate developing readers. A final double page spread provides a glossary of unusual terms and a map to show where Vanuatu is located. Part of the Collins Big Cat series. At this level, the books offer developing readers structured language with some challenging vocabulary.

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Pet Detectives - Tortoise Trouble

Author: Jana Hunter

Publisher: Collins Educational (2005)

The Pet Detective faces a special challenge when Kara's pet tortoise, Rocket, goes missing. Has the tortoise been squashed on a motorway? Eaten by a hungry goat? Chewed up by a dog? The Pet Detective follows the clues to find out what's happened.

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The Pot Of Gold

Author: Julia Donaldson

Publisher: HarperCollins (2006)

Julia Donaldson tells the tale of the misfortunate characters Bonny and Sandy, who are forever arguing. One day a little man comes to stay, and it looks as though their luck has changed.

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Unusual Traditions

Author: John McIlwain

Publisher: HarperCollins (2005)

Do you look forward to the annual cheese-rolling? Or have you taken part in a dragonboat race? Perhaps you have danced in the street as part of a big street carnival. All around the world people take part in traditions that might seem unusual, but are great fun for everyone who joins in! Find out about all these and more in this information book. At this level, the books in the Big Cat series offer developing readers literary language, with some challenging vocabulary.

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Were They Real?

Author: Scoular Anderson

Publisher: HarperCollins (2005)

An information book about the celebrated historical and fictional characters Cleopatra, Boudica, King Arthur, Robin Hood, the Pied Piper, Pocahontas, Blackbeard, Dracula and Tarzan. The book investigates which of them really existed, and which are based on legend.

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