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Whirly Birds

Author: Judith Hodge

Publisher: Shortland Publications (1998)

Children's Literacy Link Plus book discussing how helicopters work and the different uses they have.

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The Shady Deal

Authors: Brenda Parkes, Janet Stott Thornton, Dominique Falla

Publisher: Kingscourt / McGraw-Hill (2001)

Outwitting robbers, hungry crocodiles, evil officials, and greedy people is always hard work. But as the stories in this collection show, cleverness and quick thinking can help to solve even the most difficult problems.

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Cassidy's Magic

Authors: Jenny Wagner, Diane Worland

Publisher: Kingscourt / McGraw-Hill (2001)

What a disaster! When Cassidy agreed to stay home with her aunt and uncle while her parents were away, she’d been expecting big spenders and lots of fun. Instead, Aunt Mona and Uncle Frank have turned out to be thrifty health food freaks whose idea of fun is sardine stew. Cassidy thinks it’s high time for some magic in her life. Little does she know that magic is on its way – bringing trouble with it!

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Authors: Anthony Holcroft, Mark WIlson

Publisher: Kingscourt / McGraw-Hill (2001)

Pete befriends Barney, a mysterious old man who lives alone in the forest. The forest’s trees and creatures are Barney’s life – his “family” – but their peaceful existence is threatened. Will Barney survive a crisis – and how can Pete

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Dear Future

Authors: Meredith Costain, Teresa Culkin Lawrence

Publisher: Mimosa Publications (1995)

Anna is excited about her new school project - a time capsule! While everybody in her class has different ideas about it, Anna decides her contribution will be the diary she’s writing. She has many other things to think about too. Will her dear Nonna recover? And what does Ms O’Shane keep in that mysterious cupboard!

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