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Collins Big Cat Series Yellow Band 3

Sam The Big, Bad Cat

Authors: Sheila Bird, Trish Phillips

Publisher: Collins (2005)

Sam the big, bad cat isn’t feeling well. Tom wants to take him to the vet. Sam doesn’t want to go, and finds a variety of hiding places to escape.

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Milo's Moustache

Authors: Katie McDougall, Simona Meisser

Publisher: Collins Educational (2011)

Milo the dog is very proud of his moustache, but one day a bird comes and steals it from him. Join Milo as he searches for his missing moustache, and finally solves the problem, in this hilarious and quirky story by nine-year-old Collins Big Cat Competition winner Katie McDougall, with wonderful illustrations by Simona Meisser.

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The Dancing Dog

Authors: Jasmin Glynne, Pat Murray

Publisher: Collins Educational (2011)

The Dancing Dog can do lots of dances - but can he do all of them? Follow the Dancing Dog as he dances his way through a selection of dance styles, and shows that he doesn't always get the moves right. Beautifully illustrated by Pat Murray, this poem was written by ten-year-old Collins Big Cat Competition winner Jasmin Glynne.

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Doing Nothing

Author: Petr Horacek

Publisher: Collins (2011)

The frog is sitting at the bottom of the pond, doing nothing. But other animals keep coming after him and he has to hop away! Follow the frog as he hops around the pond in his search for a bit of peace in this wonderfully illustrated book by Petr Horácek.

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The Hare And The Tortoise

Author: Melanie Williamson

Publisher: Collins (2013)

In this delightful retelling of Aesop’s well-known fable, children’s-book-award winner Melanie Williamson captures the story of the slow and steady tortoise and the overly-confident hare.

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Time For School

Authors: Mike Phillips, Wendy Cope

Publisher: Collins (2013)

Engaging and fun, this poem is about the school day and is written by award-winning contemporary poet Wendy Cope.

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