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Oxford Reading Tree Stage 12: TreeTops Fiction More Pack C

Doughnut Dilemma

Author: Margaret Mcallister

Publisher: Oxford University Press (2000)

In Doughnut Dilemma Danny MacDonald lives for football, especially his favourite team Lowgate United. But Lowgate's star striker, Keith, is turning into the team's worst player. Keith can't think about anything but tasty doughnuts. Can Danny help his favourite star?

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Cool Clive and the Bubble Trouble

Author: Michaela Morgan

Publisher: Oxford University Press (2005)

When Clive accidentally volunteers to look after Bubble the hamster for the holidays, he can't imagine how much trouble she will be. This book is part of the "Oxford Reading Tree" series. At this level, the books are specially written for children who need the support of carefully monitored language levels. The stories are accessible, motivating and humorous. The series is organized into five stages, with each stage introducing more complex narrative forms, including flashbacks and changes in viewpoint; descriptive writing; and extended reading vocabulary.

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Scrapman And The Incredible Flying Machine

Author: Carolyn Bear

Publisher: Oxford University Press (2000)

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